We Promise, No One Will Want to Regift These 9 Christmas Presents

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Part of the pressure of shopping for gifts is ensuring you’re getting the perfect item that your loved one will adore.

All the presents under the tree will be perfect!

Sometimes, certain people can be more difficult to shop for than others, especially if you don’t know them well or feel like they already have everything they want.

It doesn’t feel great to have to re-gift something you received, plus it isn’t too swell for the other person either. Instead, stick to the items on this list and don’t worry about any disappointment!

Stanley Adventure Reusable Vacuum Quencher Tumbler

Know someone who works hard to stay hydrated? Surprise them with this best-selling tumbler from Stanley Adventure. Available in a variety of colors to fit their tastes, this tumbler comes in a variety of sizes, from 14 ounces to a massive 40 ounces like the version pictured below!

Stanley Adventure Reusable Vacuum Quencher Tumbler © Amazon

The Stanley Adventure Reusable Vacuum Quencher Tumbler is just the thing for your sister who loves camping or that bestie who’s always hitting the gym. Made of stainless steel, each tumbler is double vacuum-sealed to control the temperature of beverages. It’s even dishwasher safe! You can grab this 40 ounce version for $40.

Click here to buy the Stanley Adventure Reusable Vacuum Quencher Tumbler!

The Original Isopropyl Alcohol Fireplace

One of our editors has this unique item and absolutely loves it! Hundreds of Amazon reviewers do too, saying it became an instant favorite in their house. The Original Isopropyl Alcohol Fireplace is a small freestanding fireplace perfect for cozy winter evenings.

The Original Isopropyl Alcohol Fireplace © Amazon

By running on isopropyl alcohol, this mini fireplace doesn’t produce any soot or emit dangerous carbon monoxide. It’s safe for both indoor and outdoor use, which means you can enjoy roasting marshmallows even on rainy days! Just 5 ounces of isopropyl alcohol provides 45 minutes of burn time. Surprise your loved one with this unique gift for $99.

Click here to buy The Original Isopropyl Alcohol Fireplace!

Hans Grill Rectangular Pizza Stone and Pizza Peel

Another suggestion from our editors, this pizza stone from Hans Grill will help you create delicious, restaurant-quality pizzas at home. Perfect for the home chef, this stone can accommodate large family-style pizzas and will help create that amazing crispy crust you get from the best pizza places.

Hans Grill Rectangular Pizza Stone and Pizza Peel © Amazon

The Hans Grill Rectangular Pizza Stone and Pizza Peel comes with both the stone and a wooden peel that helps you slide the pizza off the stone without any burns or ruining the stone itself. Reviewers on Amazon said this stone helped brown their pizza crusts to perfection and one reviewer said they even use their stone to catch any spills when cooking other things in their oven. Give someone the gift of easy and delicious pizza at home with this set for $34.99.

Click here to buy the Hans Grill Rectangular Pizza Stone and Pizza Peel!

MagBand Magnetic Wristband

Talk about a useful gift! While this might not be the most glamorous of items, it isn’t something you see everyday and can save someone from a lot of headaches. Any handyman knows keeping track of tiny screws, nuts, bolts, and other bits and bobs can be a massive pain! Help alleviate this stress with the MagBand Magnetic Wristband.

MagBand Magnetic Wristband © Amazon

This heavy duty wristband is magnetic and gives easy access to any small, metal-based items that are usually difficult to keep track of. Just use the Velcro band to secure it around the wrist and let nails and other items attach to the strong magnets inside the fabric! Even the reviews said this is a great stocking stuffer. Grab one for all the tinkerers in your family for $10.99 each.

Click here to buy the MagBand Magnetic Wristband!

Amazon Prime Subscription

In this day and age it seems like you can find everything online. From new parents with no time to shop to older family members who might not have the energy to head to the stores frequently, many people on your gift list could probably benefit from an Amazon Prime subscription. Plus, there’s more to Prime than just shopping; members also can take advantage of free streaming through Prime Video, free Kindle e-books, unlimited photo storage, and tons more.

Amazon Prime is the gift that keeps on giving!

You might not have known this, but you can actually gift a membership to Prime! You might have thought you would have had to just create a new account with their info or a throwaway email address, but you can actually go through Amazon’s “Gift of Prime” page to purchase a Prime membership on behalf of someone else. Then, once they receive the e-gift, they can fill out their information and enjoy Prime for as long as you pre-purchased, either 3 months ($44.97) or 12 months ($139). Once the gift period is over you don’t need to worry about auto-renewal! For more information and to purchase Prime as a gift, click the link below.

Click here to gift an Amazon Prime Subscription!

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

Have you ever made yourself a cup of tea and left it to steep only to forget about it, then come back to it hours later and it’s gone completely cold? Plenty of us have, and that could have been avoided with a mug warmer like this one. Whether your giftee is a coffee fanatic or loves sipping on hot cocoa, they won’t want to give up this item.

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer © Amazon

The long power cord that comes with the Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer offers freedom and makes this an excellent portable item. It’s super easy to use: just plug it in, switch it on, and let it heat up. Set your mug on the surface and let it warm up your beverage as well as keep it warm while working, watching a movie, or doing anything else! This mug warmer is less expensive than other brands, available on Amazon for $14.29.

Click here to buy the Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer!

Sherpa Fleece Weighted Blanket

Many people enjoy using a weighted blanket and find that it helps them not only fall asleep but stay asleep. Add on the fact that this blanket also features smooth fabric on one side and plush faux Sherpa fleece on the other, and this is the ultimate winter blanket! Treat one of your friends to the blanket that will see them through until spring.

Sherpa Fleece Weighted Blanket © Amazon

This Sherpa Fleece Weighted Blanket has pockets stitched across its 60″ by 60″ area, each one filled with small glass beads. That’s what gives it its 15 pound weight! This blanket comes in a variety of colors and patterns, including a seasonally-appropriate Buffalo Check Plaid. If this blanket makes it onto your Christmas shopping list, make sure to budget it in for $57.99.

Click here to buy this Sherpa Fleece Weighted Blanket!

Electric Lighter

Sometimes the best presents are the things you didn’t even know you needed until you were given them. That’s the case for many of our writers who suggested adding an electric lighter to this list! It isn’t the most exciting gift, but for candle enthusiasts this can quickly turn into one of those products you just can’t live without. With an electric lighter there’s no fuel required, so instead of it running out of fuel and you throwing it away, all you need to do is give it a recharge via USB cord and you’re good to go again!

Electric Lighter © Amazon

This Electric Lighter from RONXS is one of the best on Amazon with over 20,000 reviews. To use it, make sure the safety switch is off, then just hold the button to activate the lighter. This one also boasts an adjustable neck, perfect for lighting candles with hard-to-reach wicks. Reviewers LOVE this product, saying it’s easy to use, and one pointed out this is better for their arthritic hands than traditional fuel-powered lighters that require more gripping. So what are you waiting for? Grab this perfect stocking stuffer now for $7.99.

Click here to buy this Electric Lighter!

Parlovable Women’s Slippers

The holidays are always the best time to gift someone a pair of slippers. It’s such a great feeling to slip your feet into a new pair and enjoy the cushiony softness of them. One of the most popular slipper brands is Uggs but those can get pricey. We poked around Amazon and were able to find some dupes that can stand up to their more expensive counterparts!

Parlovable Women’s Slippers © Amazon

The Parlovable Women’s Slippers are made of faux fur wraps with a suede outer and look very similar to Uggs. While these are best as comfy house shoes, they do have waterproof and anti-slip soles so if you do need something to throw on to run out and grab the mail, these will do the trick. These slippers come in several other colors and are another reviewer favorite, and for $23.99 they’re pretty hard to pass up!

Click here to buy the Parlovable Women’s Slippers!

Holiday shopping shouldn’t be stressful. Skip the old standbys like candles and bath sets and instead surprise your loved ones with a gift they’ll enjoy for years to come!

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What the top item on your wish list this year? Let us know down below!

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