Tokyo Disney Resort Announces Paid Seating for ‘Believe! Sea of Dreams’ Nighttime Spectacular

Following their introduction of the paid FastPass replacement Disney Premier Access last year, Tokyo Disney Resort has announced their new nighttime spectacular “Believe! Sea of Dreams” will have a paid seating system under Disney Premier Access.


The paid viewing areas cost ¥2500 ($16.91, typically closer to $22) for the 30 minute show, and will be available starting premiere day on November 11.


There are two options for how seating will work, with peak days to use system B and days with lower anticipated attendance to use system A.

System A

map a

On this map, areas in pink (such as most of Lido Isle, the front third of Piazza Topolino, and the very front of the Zambini Brothers Ristorante, as well as the top of Fortress Explorations are all reserved for Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Package holders, which generally cost anywhere from $400 to $1200 per person per day. Blue areas such as the rear of Lido Isle, the center of the piazza, and most of the rear along the northern coast of Mediterranean Harbor are all reserved for Disney Premier Access Holders. Areas in green such as the rear of the piazza and the entire area between the piazza and Lido Isle are reserved for the Entry Request lottery winners only.

System B

map b

System B is almost the same as system A, except more of the piazza is given to Vacation Package holders at the expense of Disney Premier Access. This difference is made up by giving a good half of the American Waterfront-side of the harbor to Premier Access at the expense of Entry Request winners.

This change locks the vast majority of the viewable area for “Believe! Sea of Dreams” behind a paywall or lottery, leaving guests who are unlucky or unwilling to pay up out to dry. Prior to COVID-19, a small viewing area off guest pathways was reserved for Vacation Package holders, but the harbor was otherwise entirely open for all guests to view the show where they pleased.

In “Believe! Sea of Dreams,” Disney and Pixar friends remind dreamers to keep on believing and making their wishes come true. The show takes place on Mediterranean Harbor at Tokyo DisneySea, where the waters are transformed into the Sea of Dreams—a place filled with “wishing stars” that appear whenever someone makes a heartfelt wish.

The show features large boats gliding dynamically over the water’s surface, bright lasers and searchlights illuminating the night sky and, for the first time, images projected on the walls of Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta surrounding half of the harbor. The performance space is further enhanced by the characters from Disney and Pixar films and the performances of dancers, allowing guests to feel as if they have stepped into the stories of beloved Disney friends.

Will you pay almost $20 to watch “Believe! Sea of Dreams?” Let us know in the comments below!

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