Lin-Manuel Miranda Joins Disney Plus Series

Get excited, Percy Jackson fans; musical and creative legend Lin-Manuel Miranda is joining the cast of the upcoming Disney+ series Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Percy Jackson author Rick Riordan announced yesterday that Miranda would be taking on the role of Hermes, previously portrayed by Nathan Fillion in the 2013 film adaptation of The Sea of Monsters.

Riordan’s website excitedly announced the big reveal, reflecting on the comparison between the character Hermes and Miranda’s former hit-making role, Hamilton. “After Lin-Manuel took the role, it occurred to me that this is the second time he has played a god of commerce. The first was the father of the American banking system, Alexander Hamilton. I have to think Hamilton would be pleased with the comparison. Immortals, after all, never run out of time.

The series was greenlit by streaming media giant Disney+ in early 2022 and is expected to hit the virtual theatres in 2024.