I Travel Full Time. Here Are My Packing Must-Haves.

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My job on the DFB Team usually allows me to work from anywhere, and so, I made the decision six months ago to give up my permanent residence and travel full-time.

There’s always some DFB Merch in my bag!

Since then, I have been on an endless quest to find the best travel bags and accessories to keep my things organized as I pack and unpack on a weekly basis, if not daily!

Here are the items I have found that I can’t live without.

Made By Design Travel Backpack

Without a doubt, this is the best travel backpack I have ever owned. The middle of the backpack opens flat, with deep zippered compartments that will fit a weekend’s worth of clothes, toiletries and a change of clothes. And there’s still plenty of room in the outside compartments for my laptop, charger, and other items like pens and notepads.


Even fully packed, this travel backpack has padded straps that make it comfortable to carry. I’ve flown with it as my personal item on several occasions, and love having it with me even on longer trips.

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Bagsmart Electronic Organizer

If there’s one thing we all travel with more of these days, it’s the cables, adapters, and charging blocks we need to keep our phones, tablets, and other devices running. I like this electronic organizer because in addition to having plenty of room for cables, it holds my cordless mouse and has pockets for smaller items like my headphone adapter.


If pink isn’t your color, these are also available from Amazon in blue or black.

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Bagsmart Jewelry Organizer 

To be honest, I used to think it was silly to have all of these special travel bags for different items. But now that I live on the road and basically stay packed at all times, I stay so much more organized by having a specific place for everything.


This jewelry organizer is the right size for me, as I only travel with a handful of bracelets, a couple of pairs of earrings and a couple of necklaces. If you have a large jewelry collection, you will probably need a larger format jewelry organizer for the road.

Click here to order the Bagsmart Travel Jewelry Organizer

Bagsmart Hanging Cosmetics Travel Bag

Yeah, I know I’m sounding like a broken record with these travel bags. I have tried several and found this brand to be very high quality for the price — and with thoughtful designs.


Hanging cosmetic bags are often great space savers and this one has elastic straps to help keep bottles and tubes in place while you travel.

Click here to order the Bagsmart Hanging Cosmetic Bag

Cocoon GRID-IT! Organizer

These super clever organizers are the equivalent of a travel “junk drawer” for me. They keep everything contained and strapped down and are a great way to carry, well, anything.


My GRID-IT organizer is how I pack scissors, tape, a can opener, a little flashlight, spare keys … you know, those things you used to store in your kitchen junk drawer.

Click here to check out the GRID-IT Organizer

If you have an avid traveler in your life, any of these items would be great gifts for them this holiday season — or things that will revolutionize the way you pack if you get them for yourself!

Stay tuned to DFB for more travel tips!

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