Haunted Mansion-Themed ‘Disney Story Beyond’ Event Teased for January 2023 at Tokyo Disneyland

Although they’ve yet to truly return post-pandemic, seasonal events were once the bread and butter of Tokyo Disney Resort. But it seems something special is coming to one attraction specifically this winter — the Haunted Mansion to be specific. And it’s only the first installment in the still-unknown “Disney Story Beyond.”

Disney Story Beyond was teased on a new page of the Tokyo Disney Resort website this week. There aren’t very many details on what exactly it is other than it ties into the Mansion’s backstory somehow.

A teaser of Disney Story Beyond reads as follows: “Every area and attraction at Tokyo Disney Resort has a story to tell. Set in various countries and time periods with diverse characters, Disney Story Beyond takes you to a new world beyond those stories.”

For the Haunted Mansion specifically, it reads “This time, the setting is the Haunted Mansion, where 999 happy haunts live. In the library of the mansion, there is a book that has been passed down from generation to generation. The book contains the records of all the ghosts, and has been recorded over the years by those who work at the mansion. What is about to begin is the story of the ghosts recorded in this book. Now, let us turn the spotlight on these mysterious people!”

Silhouettes of characters like the attic bride, the Hitchhiking Ghosts, and Sally Slater, better known as the tightrope walker, appear at the bottom of the page with “coming soon” over them.

Little else is known, other than it will begin sometime in January. The Haunted Mansion is set to emerge from its annual refurbishment and removal of the Holiday Nightmare overlay on January 25 so the timing would be right.

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