Gingerbread House-Themed Treat Station Stand Opens at Disney’s Beach Club Resort with Classic Holiday Snacks

The holidays are finally upon us here at Walt Disney World! Now that we can forget all about pumpkins and candy bars in favor of gingerbread and peppermint, a new Treat Station stand has opened up at Disney’s Beach Club Resort chock full of holiday snacks!


The temporary new stand is up in the lobby of Disney’s Beach Club Resort.

WDWBeachClubHolidayTreatStation2 scaled

It’s of course gingerbread house-themed, with one of the wall column panels replaced with a delightful panel which includes the resort logo as a gingerbread medallion along with gum drops and a Mickey-shaped peppermint.

But the most important part of any holiday assortment is of course the treats! Let’s take a look at what’s available here.

Candied Pecans – $6.49

WDWBeachClubHolidayTreats2022 CandiedPecans scaled

Chocolate Mickey Cookie – $4.29

WDWBeachClubHolidayTreats2022 ChocolateMickeyCookie scaled

This cookie is patterned to look like a Christmas tree.

Chocolate Snowman Marshmallow Pop – $7.49

WDWBeachClubHolidayTreats2022 ChocolateSnowmanMarshmallowPop1 scaled
WDWBeachClubHolidayTreats2022 ChocolateSnowmanMarshmallowPop2 scaled

Trio of Fudge – $8.99

WDWBeachClubHolidayTreats2022 Fudge scaled

The three flavors are gingerbread, hot cocoa, and peppermint.

Chocolate & Gingerbread Cookies – $5.79

WDWBeachClubHolidayTreats2022 GIngerbreadCookies scaled

Gingerbread Shingle – $5.49

WDWBeachClubHolidayTreats2022 GingerbreadShingle scaled

Peppermint Bark – $6.99

WDWBeachClubHolidayTreats2022 PeppermintBark1 scaled
WDWBeachClubHolidayTreats2022 PeppermintBark2 scaled

Holiday Crisp Rice Treat – $4.99

WDWBeachClubHolidayTreats2022 RiceKrispy scaled

Stollen Bread – $19.99

WDWBeachClubHolidayTreats2022 StollenBread scaled

All of these items are available now at the temporary Treat Station in Disney’s Beach Club Resort, where you can also check out the incredible gingerbread carousel! This year the carousel is themed to the Disney Princesses, and it’s quite impressive.

Are you excited to chow down on these holiday treats? Let us know in the comments below!

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