DIS Stock Begins Recovery on Wall Street

News of the new management in place at the Walt Disney Company had more than just fans cheering yesterday, with Wall Street showing positive signs of endorsement as well. Disney stock closed on Friday evening at 91.88 USD; however, by the time news spread of the shock rearrangement in the big seats at Disney, Monday morning told a different financial story, with the stock opening at 100.17 USD. The numbers settled by late Monday at the 97.58 USD mark, indicating that faith in the brand might be restorable, thanks to the forced exit of one Bob Chapek.

If you are like me and not great when understanding the figures, have a look at this Google stock chart below, accurate to the evening of November 21st, which might give you a better visual of the last five days.

Google: 11:20 pm, Monday, November 21st 2022 (GMT-5) – Time in Orlando, FL, USA

Feature Image: Photo by Chenyu Guan on Unsplash