CFO Christine McCarthy and Other Disney Executives “Led Rebellion” to Oust Bob Chapek

As the entertainment world continues to reel from the boardroom drama that saw Chapek fired late last night (and the just as unexpected return of his predecessor Bob Iger), more details are emerging about the behind the scenes drama that led to the decision of the board of directors.

The campaign to overthrow now-former Disney CEO Bob Chapek actually began in the summer. Multiple executives approached the Disney Board of Directors with complaints about Chapek’s ability to lead. This was all reported by the Financial Times, with the outlet specifically naming Disney CFO Christine McCarthy as the one leading the charge to replace the disliked executive.

Disney CFO Christine McCarthy

The rebellion by so many high-ranking executives within the organization reportedly forced the board to show Chapek the door.

The final straw for company execs was Disney’s poor earnings release on November 8, during which Chapek reported the company’s streaming business had lost $1.5 billion during the most recent quarter. The company’s financial had been the only thing keeping Chapek in power, as there have been dozens of stories published about his disliked he was internally and how often those underneath him hoped for his professional demise.

Although Chapek was only informed of his forced departure rom the company Sunday, sources close to the former CEO claim that Chapek became aware of the moves against him some weeks ago. However, he was reportedly caught off guard by the speed of events.

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