Brand New Donald Duck Munchlings and Pastry has debuted at Disney World!

Today we had such a great time at Disney Springs this morning. We were hosted by Disney to get a first look at the brand-new Donald Duck Disney Munchlings and pastry.

This is the first Disney Munchling that has collaborated with the Disney pastry team. Chef Stefan Riemer has a strong love and admiration for Donald Duck, so he was very excited to work on this project with the merchandise team.

The pastry is made with a vanilla chiffon cake, Japanese sponge roll, yuzu curd, yuzu chantilly, caramel ganache, blueberry jam, and jalapeño gel. Chef Riemer let us know that the jalapeno gel is to honor the “spicy” attitude that Donald Duck has.

The Donald Duck Munchlings smell like Lemon and Blueberry, a popular flavor combination. It is important to note that this new plush is a limited edition. Once it’s gone, that means it’s gone. If you want one of these, you’ll have to speed walk, maybe run to World of Disney, now.

If you want the pastry, it will be at Amorette’s next to World of Disney. This treat cost $14 and is about the same size as the plush.