2 NEW Snacks Prove It Isn’t Christmas Yet in Disney World

Hold that peppermint mocha for one second and put away the candy canes — there are new FALL treats in Disney World that you might want to try!

Up close

Yes, we know that the holiday merchandise is already on sale and snowflakes have started to appear in the parks, but the season of pumpkins hasn’t ended just yet and we’ve got proof!

A whole bunch of fall-themed treats have arrived in Disney World (or will be arriving in time for Thanksgiving), and of course, we had to try some to give you our honest thoughts on whether these are worth the cash.

Right now we’re heading to Disney’s BoardWalk Deli to try 2 snacks that have just arrived.

New deli

First up we have a Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin. This is a pumpkin muffin with cream cheese filling priced at $3.99.

Disney has marked this as a “new” offering, but it isn’t exactly the first time we’ve seen a pumpkin cream cheese muffin made available in Disney World. Back in 2020, a pumpkin cream cheese muffin arrived in Disney’s Animal Kingdom and it was seriously fantastic. We also saw a pumpkin cream cheese muffin offered in 2022 at Trolley Treats in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

So how does this “new” muffin compare?

First of all, this snack is very moist. We’ve had dry versions of this at other locations so we were happy to find how soft it was! The pumpkin flavor cuts the cream cheese and they work together really well.

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin

We wouldn’t call this a pumpkin spice treat — it had more of a traditional pumpkin flavor. We also really enjoyed the filling!

Let’s dig in!

Our biggest complaint is how dense the muffin is. Even though our reporter likes pumpkin and cream cheese, they said they would not feel satisfied after eating this as a breakfast or as a snack.

A look inside

Also available at BoardWalk Deli is another item Disney has marked as “new” — the Orange Cranberry Scone with orange glaze. It’s priced at $3.79. This is another treat we’ve seen versions of in the past. At Creature Comforts in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we spotted a Cranberry Orange Scone back in 2020. But how would this “new” version hold up? We had to try it to compare!


Put away the pumpkin, because we really liked this one! Our reporter doesn’t traditionally enjoy scones, but they really liked this snack. The scone is super soft with orange zest baked into the pastry — this flavor alone was incredible.


Even if you aren’t a cranberry fan, you should give this a try. The texture changes when it’s baked on the treat and goes really well with the orange. We also thought the orange glaze was a nice touch and very refreshing. 

We love this one!

We were really trying to see if there were any flaws with this snack, but we couldn’t find any! This is a really great option to grab for breakfast as you head into the World Showcase entrance of EPCOT or as a snack midday. However, if you do not like orange, stay clear of this treat.


Both of these treats are available now through November 27th, so you’ve got a few weeks to give them a try. For more reviews and photos of the fall and Thanksgiving snacks in Disney World, click here! For more snack inspiration, click here to check out 3 snacks that are big enough to be meals, or click here to learn about some of the BEST snacks for under $10 in Disney Springs.

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