You Can Now See A Werewolf (!!) in Disney’s Avengers Campus!

Spooky season just got even spookier, especially in Disneyland.

Disney California Adventure

The Halloween decorations are up, Haunted Mansion Holiday is open, and we’ve already been to Oogie Boogie Bash and met a LOT of villains. However, two NEW spooky characters have officially put in an appearance in Avengers Campus, and we’ve got the PHOTOS.

If you’ve watched Marvel’s Werewolf By Night on Disney+, these are two characters you’ll instantly recognize. First, we spotted Jack Russell in his werewolf form, stalking the rooftops of Avengers Campus in Disney California Adventure.

Jack Russell

Yes, there is a WEREWOLF in Disneyland! He was moving around really quickly and scaring the visitors at Avengers Campus.

There he goes!

We also got a chance to see Elsa Bloodstone up close!


She was even letting guests get up close to the bloodstone (after all she went through to get it, we’re a little surprised!).

Check out her bloodstone!

If you’re looking for these characters, though, you probably won’t see them until nighttime. It’s also important to note that these characters will likely be around for a limited time.

We think it’s pretty awesome that Disney has already brought these characters into the park — now if we could just get these two in Disney World, too! If you haven’t yet seen Werewolf By Night, it’s streaming now on Disney+ — it’s a must for Marvel fans, but also anyone who loves classic monster movies!

Looking for even more spooky content to watch? Here’s everything new streaming on Disney+ this month — and there is a lot of great Halloween stuff (and Hocus Pocus 2of course!).

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