Would You Have a Galactic “Outta of this World” Disney Wedding?

We are deep into wedding season, and October is actually the most popular time to get married. In October, you see a lot of fall-themed weddings or weddings that fall on the spookier side of things. On Good Morning America, they wanted to celebrate this wedding season by showing off an “Outta of This World” wedding.

Our friends at Good Morning America wanted to celebrate this special season and turned to us to help bring Brooke and Jared’s love story to life. Inspired by the couples’ love for space, our Disney Weddings team designed a galactic wedding experience that was truly “Outta of This World.”

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One of the moments they show is a first look between the bride and groom at Mission: SPACE. Personally, if you took me to do the first look at Mission: SPACE, I would say, “absolutely not,” but that is just because I dislike the attraction. I would’ve done the first look over by Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind because I love the entrance, and it is a better attraction in general. I may hate Mission: SPACE, but the photo isn’t really that bad and actually looks (kind of) cool.

This next part they showed made me want to throw on my wedding dress and get married again. To have a wedding ceremony in front of Spaceship Earth is the most perfect thing ever. If you can’t tell, I am 100% EPCOT fangirling right now. I mean, look at that fantastic aisle runner; it is so magical. The panels at the altar are just breathtaking, and I want them in my home immediately.

I will let Disney explain this next part.

The ceremony was a culmination of a magical week spent with 50 of their closest friends and family at Walt Disney World during the World’s Most Magical Celebration! Brooke and Jared kicked off the festivities with a Welcome Party at EPCOT, which included galactic-inspired desserts, a viewing of “Harmonious,” and a ride on Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. They even had a special visit from Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.

Disney Parks Blog

My first wedding anniversary is just around the corner, and I wish I could’ve ridden Guardians of the Galaxy right before getting married. It would’ve made the weekend more iconic than it already was. In all seriousness, this couple had a gorgeous wedding at EPCOT and showcased their love for space.

Would you have a galactic-themed wedding at Disney if you could? Let us know in the comments.