Where To Find Vintage Disney Treasures in Orlando

We are celebrating 100 years of the Walt Disney Companyalmost 70 years of Disneyland, and over 50 years of Walt Disney World.

100 Years of Wonder

Since the Disney brand has been around for SO long, we’ve seen a lot of changes as the company, films, and parks have grown, adapted, and modernized. But where does all of the “old” stuff go as Disney moves forward? We found one little treasure trove in Florida that has given some new life to some of Disney’s older items.

Just 35 miles away from the gates of Disney World, you’ll find Lakeland Antique Mall. The Lakeland Antique Mall is a large building with many booths inside that have different sections and feature specific items. Vault Collectibles is a particular section in Lakeland Antique Mall that has all sorts of Disney and Universal theme park props.

Lakeland Antique Mall

We visited recently and took a few photos to show you the types of things you might expect to find. Keep in mind that most items are one-of-a-kind, so inventory and items change up pretty regularly based on what is purchased from other guests and what the owner is able to bring in. This constantly rotating treasure box ensures that you never know what you’ll find!

Since it’s a pretty eclectic collection of items, we tried to categorize our finds into three buckets: Classic Antiques (you know, some stuff you might be able to find in your neck of the woods), Unique Resort Props (items that used to have a home IN Disney World and have since been replaced), and finally Recent Merchandise (some items that might be overstock of what you can still buy in Disney, or was recently available). As Ariel would say, “Look at this stuff…isn’t it neat?”

Classic Antiques

If you still have a record player and are a lover of that classic vinyl sound, then you may want to take some time to shuffle through their large collection of classic Disney albums.

Some even feature the original voices of characters and Walt Disney, himself!

Or, for bookworms out there, you can usually find some Disney books or Disney-inspired historical books.

If you’re looking for something sweeter, a vintage gumball machine might be something to add to your collection. We’d just recommend replacing those old gumballs (they’re probably well past their expiration date).

And finally, if you want something cute and maybe a little creepy, you can pick up this vintage Mickey mask.

It might not give you nightmares, but we definitely prefer Mickey’s current look to this vintage style.

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Unique Resort Props

As resorts and parks get some TLC and updates from time to time, that means Disney sorts through its stock, and sometimes it results in “out with the old and in with the new.” So here are some of those “older” items that used to live in that Disney bubble, that you can now take home with you (if you can justify the price tag).

Nautical Mickey rope mirror from Yacht Club Resort

Here are some chairs that were recently replaced from some of the rooms in the Grand Floridian. You may recall that Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort just got new Resort Studios, which are DVC rooms located in the Big Pine Key building of the hotel. So some of these chairs might’ve been from those rooms!

Chairs from Grand Floridian Resort rooms

And along that same concept, you can grab the entire bedroom set of the pirate-themed rooms from the Caribbean Beach Resort, as these are also on the block for a retheme.

Bedroom set from Pirate-themed rooms in Caribbean Beach Resort

Or, if you prefer just a little splash of Disney, consider one of these tables that were originally in the All-Star Resorts

Tables from All-Star Resorts

…or a wall-hanging shelf from All-Star Music Resort.

Wall-hanging shelf from All-Star Music Resort

If you’re a creative, fixer-upper type, this piece, a former display item from a shop in Fantasyland, could find new life in your home.

Fantasyland shop display

Of, if you’re still looking for a Halloween costume (or just wanna be a Cast Member while you hang out at home), then you might want a Cast Member costume from your favorite, resort, restaurant, or attraction to take home with you.

Cast Member costumes

So many fun, magical items that can evoke memories, and you can take them home with you!

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Recent Merchandise

This category sees some regular fluctuation as popular items ebb and flow from the parks. You could those final pins to round out your collection or get that holiday popcorn bucket or sipper that you wanted.

Popcorn buckets and sippers

Some items might be things you can still get in the parks, or maybe ones that you just missed as the seasons changed. Keep your eyes out!

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Even if you’ve already spent all of your souvenir money in the parks, Lakeland Antique Mall is a fun stop (that doesn’t even require a park ticket!) for you and your family to come and explore. Find the treasures of the past and memories of items long-gone to relive the magic.

Stay tuned to DFB as we keep you posted on everything with the celebration of 100 Years of Wonder and other Disney news!

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