What’s New in EPCOT: A Halloween Scavenger Hunt and 50+ Merchandise Items

Welcome back to EPCOT, where a LOT is happening!

EPCOT is now 40!

Aside from the big transformation that’s still in progress, EPCOT is currently celebrating its 40th anniversary, and we’ve also found lots of new merchandise! Follow along with us for all the big EPCOT news!

EPCOT Food Updates

At Connections Cafe in EPCOT, we noticed that the pizza has changed a bit. Instead of coming with a single slice and a side salad, you now get two slices of pizza. The crust was also thinner and the meatballs on the Meatball Pizza were much smaller.

Pizza looks different!

It may not have been the best pizza we’ve had in Disney World but we thought they were pretty good, and they might hit the spot if you’re looking for a quick slice in EPCOT.

See how the pizza has changed at Connections Cafe!

EPCOT Construction Updates

We saw Cast Members working on the exterior of the new Play Pavilion, located in the former Wonders of Life Pavilion. This project has been in progress for some time now.

Play Pavilion

The Play Pavilion will feature interactive digital experiences and hands-on activities, and we can’t wait to check it out once it opens. Disney has not yet revealed an opening timeline so stay tuned for more updates!

Read more about the Play Pavilion here!

During EPCOT’s Food & Wine Festival, you can participate in Remy’s Ratatouille Hide and Squeak, which is a scavenger hunt that tasks players to find Remy statues placed around EPCOT. During Hurricane Ian, we noticed that Remy statues located outdoors were moved, and they were seemingly subsequently replaced with plates.

Remy Plate

However, on our most recent trip to EPCOT, we found Remy statues placed back outside!

Remy is back!

You can purchase a game board through the end of the Food & Wine Festival on November 19th to get a prize, or you can just find the Remy statues around for fun!

Read more about Remy’s Ratatouille Hide and Squeak here!

The tarp over the big swirl in the Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana attraction has been removed, so you can once again get a peek at the structure.

Tarp is gone

This interactive water attraction will feature a trail of interactive water elements, and it’s currently scheduled to open in late 2023.

Learn more about Journey of Water by clicking here!

EPCOT Merchandise Updates


At ImageWorks, we spotted the new Loungefly Disney Vacation Club Minnie Ears for $39.99. These ears are exclusive to DVC Members.

LOVE these

These ears feature vibrant pink and blue colors with DVC icons, and the bow is made of faux leather with the DVC logo in the center.

Click here for more pics of the DVC Minnie Ears!

Mexico Pavilion

Hand-Painted Hats were back for $34.99 in the Mexico Pavilion. When they appeared previously they sold out in about two days!

Hand-Painted Hats

We also spotted this Coco Youth Dress for $49.99

‘Coco’ Dress

…and this Coco Youth Sweater for $49.99.

Coco Sweater

Now let’s make our way to Norway!

Norway Pavilion

At The Fjording in the Norway Pavilion, this Christmas Tin of Danish Cookies was available.

Danish Cookies

It costs $7.99.

China Pavilion

Over in the China Pavilion at the House of Good Fortune, a Cast Member pointed out a unique Cat Keychain. It has a spinning part made of currency that you spin to bring you money!


It costs $9.95.

UK Pavilion

At the Tea Caddy in the UK Pavilion, we found a Wooden Tea Chest that comes with your choice of 10 tea bags.

Tea Chest

Not a bad deal for only $19.99!

Multiple Locations

Pluto’s Pumpkin Pursuit is now taking place in EPCOT! Through October 31st, you can purchase a game board for $9.99 from Creations Shop, Port of Entry, Gateway Gifts, or World Traveler.

Pluto’s Pumpkin Pursuit

There are hidden pumpkins all over EPCOT for a limited time, and you can redeem your game board for a mini trick-or-treat pumpkin!

Learn more about Pluto’s Pumpkin Pursuit here!

Creations Shop

At Creations Shop, we found a Pizza Planet Purse for $34.99.

Pizza Planet Purse

There was also a Big Hero 6 T-Shirt for kids for $19.99.

Big Hero 6 Tee

Also for kids was this Mickey and Friends Castle T-Shirt for $19.99.

Castles Tee

We also found a Hercules Pullover for $59.99

Hercules Pullover

…and a Hercules Gray T-Shirt for $36.99.

Hercules Tee

We found a Gray Castles T-Shirt for $36.99

Gray Castles Tee

…and a Castles Jean Jacket for $79.99.

Castles Jean Jacket

A Star Wars Mug was available for $19.99.

Star Wars Mug

There was a Princess Colored Pencils Pack for $24.99.

Princess Colored Pencils Set

And for kids, this Howdy Partner! T-Shirt was $19.99.

Howdy Partner Tee

This Daisy Mug was available for $14.99.

Daisy Mug

A pink nuiMO Spirit Jersey was there for $21.99.

nuiMO Spirit Jersey

And lots of apparel was available, like this Mickey & Friends Sweatshirt for $49.99

Mickey & Friends Sweatshirt

…this Walt Disney World T-Shirt for $24.99

Disney World Tee

…this Mickey and Friends Cropped Hoodie for $54.99

Crop Hoodie

…this blue Mickey and Friends T-Shirt for $29.99

Mickey & Friends Tee

…this blue Mickey and Friends Button-Up for $59.99

Mickey Button-Up

…this Mickey Ombré T-Shirt for $39.99

Mickey Ombre Tee

…this Mickey and Friends Orange Tank for $29.99

Orange Tank

…these Mickey and Friends Sweatpants for $49.99

Mickey Sweatpants

…these blue Mickey and Friends Shorts for $39.99

Blue Shorts

…and this Mickey and Friends Collared Button-Up Shirt for $49.99.

Collared Button-Up

We found a Carousel Keychain for $14.99

Carousel Keychain

…and a Princess and the Frog Keychain for $14.99.

Tiana Keychain

A 40th Anniversary EPCOT Magnet was available for $11.99

40th Magnet

…as was this 40th Anniversary Spaceship Earth & Figment Figurine for $125.

40th Figurine

A Toy Story aliens The Chosen One Tank Top was also there for $49

Chosen One Tank

…as were these The Chosen One Sweatpants for $69.99.

Chosen One Sweatpants

There was a Figment Cuddleez Plush for $39.99!

Figment Cuddleez Plush

And finally, the Disney Dooney & Bourke Holiday Collection was released! The Dooney & Bourke Satchel was $298

Holiday Dooney & Bourke Satchel

…and the Dooney & Bourke Wallet was $168.

There’s also a matching wallet

You can click below to see more photos!

Click here to see more photos of the Dooney & Bourke Holiday Collection!

Italy Pavilion

At La Bottega Italiana in the Italy Pavilion, there were several hand-painted items available, like this Bowl for $64.99


…this Plate for $30.99


…this Spatula Holder for $62.99

Spatula Holder

…and this Utensils Holder for $84.99.

Utensil Holder

Let’s head over to Germany!

Germany Pavilion

At Kunstarbeit in Kristall in the Germany Pavilion, there was a new 40th Anniversary Photo Book for $79. It’s also personalizable.

Photo Book

There was also a 40th Anniversary Pen Holder for $45.

Pen Holder

New 40th anniversary glassware was also available, such as this Pint Glass for $29


…this Beer Stein Mug for $39


…this Weizen Glass for $29


…this Wine Glass for $39

Wine Glass

…and this Champagne Flute for $39.

Champagne Flute

We have a few more stops to go!

Camera Center

At the Camera Center, there was an EPCOT 40th Anniversary Mug for $14.99.

40th Mug

And this Snow White Pin was also available for $12.99.

Snow White Pin

Are you ready for some Marvel tees?

Disney Traders

At Disney Traders, this Captain America Comic Book Tee was available for $29.99

Captain America Tee

…as was this Spider-Man Comic Book Tee for $29.99.

Spider-Man Tee

Last stop!

Festival Marketplace

And finally, at the Festival Marketplace, this Figment Skirt was $78

Figment Skirt

…and this Figment Purse was $39.99.

Figment Purse

PHEW — that was a lot! If you’re a big EPCOT fan this is a good time to visit with the EPCOT Food & Wine Festival still happening as well as the 40th Anniversary Celebration. Keep following DFB for more Disney World news and updates!

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