What I Miss About Disney’s FastPass System

The short answer is that it was easy. The FastPass and FastPass+ systems were simple, and you didn’t need to take a college-level course on how to use them. I miss many different aspects of FastPass, but we only have the time to chit-chat about a few things.

The first thing I miss is from the good old days; paper FastPasses. I remember getting to the park and making a game plan for which ride we would run to first and get our return ticket. Near the attractions, there were kiosks where guests would insert their park tickets, and then a paper FastPass with the next available time would spit out. I loved holding on to those paper FastPasses it made me feel like I was in charge of the trip. Paper FastPasses came about in 1999, and the system greatly impacted many of us Disney fans. In 2013 FastPass+ debuted, and paper FastPasses started to disappear. Once 2014 hit paper FastPasses officially became a thing of the past.

I miss the planning aspect of this system. I used to have a countdown calendar that I checked each day until it was time to make those FastPasses for my trip. The countdown depended if I was staying on property or not. Because guests staying at Disney Resorts could book 60 days in advance, and those staying off-site could book 30 days in advance. When my countdown would hit 60 or 30, I would hop on the app and get everything we wanted. My biggest accomplishment was always being able to get FastPasses for all three mountains at Magic Kingdom.

I miss knowing how to make the most of the system. I remember teaching all my friends how to have the perfect Disney day based on FastPasses. I would book the three FastPasses selections back to back in the morning, and once we got in line for that third attraction, I would immediately book the next one. With this tactic, I could get friends and family on almost every ride. I miss being able to do that for my travel party.

I miss the overall flexibility of FastPass+, even though sometimes it was hard to find a popular ride last minute or the My Disney Experience app would crash while trying to make a selection. It had its issues, just like all Disney systems do. I miss both versions of FastPass so much. Disney Genie+ doesn’t appeal to me, and it’s not even about the money because I would buy an Express Pass at Universal or a Quick Queue at SeaWorld. It’s the entire process; the fun of planning was taken away, and that part is what would stir up the excitement for the trip. Even when I moved to Orlando, I loved FastPass+. I remember being in my college classes and pulling out my phone to make FastPasses for my roommates and I so we could go to the parks after class. It was just so easy.

Do you miss the FastPass system? Which FastPass era was your favorite? Leave your answers in the comment section.