We Never Thought This Star Wars Character Would Collab With ColourPop!

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After seeing other recent Star Wars merchandise from brand partnerships, we are excited to see another collaboration debut.

New Star Wars merch collab? Oh my!

While we’ve never heard of droids wearing makeup, but then again we’ve only met a few.

(We promise that wasn’t an intentional rhyme.)

ColourPop, one of the best budget-friendly makeup brands on the market, just dropped a new palette inspired by the original space drama queen, C-3PO! Being a droid made nearly entirely of gold, the shades are similarly warm-toned with a ton of shimmer. The colors range from light to dark, giving you plenty of options when it comes to crafting eye looks with this palette. For a simple look pick one of the medium-tone shades and dust across your lid with a dense blending brush.

C-3PO Eyeshadow Palette © ColourPop

A stickler for the rules, C-3PO may be a protocol droid but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with this palette! Pile it on as you mix and match the different shades; because they’re all in a similar color family you can’t really mess up. Plus, makeup is supposed to be fun! Don’t be afraid to really pack on the color or try out different color placements. Check out the names of some of these shades:

C-3PO Eyeshadow Palette © ColourPop

This palette comes with nine different pans of color along with a built-in mirror. The palette itself is a sunny yellow, and we LOVE the design inside which features C-3PO looking sassy as he utters his iconic catchphrase to his companion R2-D2. ColourPop lines are notorious for selling out quickly, so if this playful palette is on your wish list get it before it’s gone! You can find the C-3PO-inspired palette here on ColourPop’s website for $16.

Click here to buy the C-3PO Eyeshadow Palette!

ColourPop also re-released their Darth Vader palettes! You can get the C-3PO palette with the Darth palette of the same size, or go for all three!

Galaxy Vibes Eyeshadow Set © ColourPop

Pop some of these shimmery shades on for a Halloween look, wear them on your next visit to Galaxy’s Edge, or just use them to upgrade your usual makeup routine! We love so many of these fun collaborations and we can’t see what Disney x ColouPop combo is announced next!

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Which Star Wars character do you think should get their own makeup palette? Padme? Darth Vader? Let us know in the comments below!

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