The Walt Disney World Railroad is on The Move!

Disney has finally posted something regarding the Walt Disney World Railroad! We have heard the train while strolling in the parks, and we’ve seen the track being laid out for its return. While we’ve seen all this progress, Disney hasn’t said much about the beloved railroad.

Today, Disney Parks posted a video of the train testing at Magic Kingdom on Instagram. Look at that train go!

I was at Magic Kingdom last week and heard the train several times. After hearing that heartwarming sound, memories from the WDW Railroad flooded my mind. I remembered sitting on the train for hours with my brother when he was a baby. It was his favorite thing to do at Magic Kingdom. It brought me flashbacks of the first time I took my best friend on the train, and he got to see Magic Kingdom from a different perspective. Here’s a video of when I heard the comforting sounds of the railroad.

What are some of your favorite Walt Disney World Railroad memories? Let us know in the comments.