The 5 Worst People You’ll Meet In Disney World

With the millions of people that go to Disney World each year, not everyone you meet is going to be all butterflies and rainbows all the time. And, honestly, none of us are! We totally understand getting frustrated in certain moments – you’re hot, you’re tired, and your feet hurt, which makes it easier to get upset about little things. You also most likely spent a LOT of money to be at Disney World, and want to make sure you’re having the best time as possible

Magic Kingdom

But, having a moment of frustration is MUCH different than just being straight up rude to the people around you. People like this really put a damper on the magical experience for everyone else, but, you should be prepared for the kinds of people you might encounter that are not so pleasant. So, let’s talk about the WORST people you will meet in Disney World.

People who are rude to Cast Members

Listen, being rude to Cast Members (employees of Disney) is NEVER okay. But, we unfortunately have seen this happen many times in Disney World — people being rude to or actually yelling at Cast Members for whatever reason. We understand that sometimes things go wrong for you, but being mean to someone trying to help you is not the way to go about finding a solution.

Be nice to Cast Members!

There are some people who think that just because they have paid to be at Disney World, they are entitled to a perfect experience. But, almost everyone has paid money to be in the parks, and nothing can be perfect, so please manage your expectations.

It’s also important to know that Cast Members most likely do not control whatever issue you’re upset about. They do not make the rules, they don’t control the weather or when rides are closed, and they can’t control if all of the boarding passes are gone for Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. They are just doing their jobs, and everyone should respect that. Try and put yourself in their shoes and remember that they are doing their best!

No need to tip the bell services cast members at the Tower of Terror!

Also, Cast Members will be MUCH more inclined to help solve your problem if you are nice and respectful. Just like that old saying — you catch more flies with honey than vinegar! Think about it: Do you enjoy and want to help people who are mean to you? Probably not. So be nice to them and everyone will have a better time. Cast Members can work some extra magic, but they’re probably not going to sprinkle any pixie dust for you if you’re yelling at them.

Cast Members are the BEST!

If you do need help with something at Disney World, politely ask a Cast Member for assistance or go to Guest Relations and wait your turn to be helped. Remember to keep things in perspective, you are in Disney World!

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People who break the rules intentionally

AHH it’s the people that break the rules that ruin it for everyone else, right?! The worst kind of rule breakers are the people who KNOW they’re breaking the rules, and do it anyway. Some of the worst offenders are the merchandise resellers. You know them — they rope drop new merchandise collections and get as much as they can so that they can resell it on eBay at a WAY higher price.


We saw this happen especially with those infamous Figment popcorn buckets at EPCOT’s Festival of the Arts this past winter. Even though Disney sets merchandise limits, these people somehow were walking around with full bags stuffed with popcorn buckets, and they were going for HUNDREDS of dollars online before it was even the afternoon. This is not allowed at Disney World, and you CAN get in trouble for it, especially if you’re an Annual Passholder. It just ruins it for other people — you’re taking merchandise away from people who paid to be in the parks and just want a souvenir. Sharing is caring!

Merch limits do exist!

There are also people who break the dress code intentionally in Disney World. This has become somewhat of a trend in recent years ever since a few videos went viral on social media of women being told their shirts were breaking the dress code, so they were able pick out a free shirt from Disney to change into. A lot of people have been trying to do this to get free shirts, but the thing is, Disney doesn’t always give you a free shirt, and they have definitely caught on to the trend.

Dress Code

Instead, what’s more likely to happen is you will be told you have to change before being able to enter the parks, whether that be by buying a new shirt with your own money or going back to your hotel or car to change. Do you really want to waste park time dealing with this? Just follow the dress code!

Entrance to Animal Kingdom

Then there are the people who intentionally play with fire — like those breaking rules on rides. People have jumped out of rides or stuck their hands out of rides in the past on things like water rides to touch the water. This is a VERY bad idea for several reasons.

First, you can get seriously injured. There have been people who have really gotten hurt touching things they shouldn’t be or jumping out of rides in Disney World. There is a reason they tell you to keep your arms and feet inside the ride vehicles. You don’t know what kind of machinery is below the water on those water rides — and you do not want to find out by getting hurt.

“it’s a small world”

Another reason this is a terrible idea is that you can get kicked out of Disney World, and sometimes, it can be permanent, as in you can never return to the parks. You also can put other people in danger when you don’t follow the ride rules, which is a BIG no-no.

The same sentiment goes for the people who try to go into restricted areas, climb on things they’re not supposed to, etc. You can get hurt, you can get in trouble, and you can get kicked out for life. Just follow the rules! Don’t create chaos in a place that is supposed to bring everyone happiness.

These are the rules you NEED to follow so you don’t get kicked out of Disney World!

People who are oblivious to everyone around them

Disney World can be VERY crowded, so you can definitely have your personal space invaded occasionally, but the worst are those people who have no idea they’re doing it. The people standing too close to you in line, running into you when you’re walking, or those stopping to stand in the middle of a busy walkway when people are trying to get by. Let’s try our best to be aware of those around you so that everyone can have a good day! And, if someone is invading your personal space, politely ask them to move out of the way.


Included in this group of people who don’t pay attention to those around them are those that hold spaces in lines for like 10 other people. WHY! This is just so rude, y’all. You can’t be deep into a line and have 10 people push their way through to join you. It’s so disrespectful to other people waiting in line behind you. Your whole group should get in line at the SAME time!

Look at that line!

There are also the people who recite the ride pre-shows or scripts in Disney World. You might think this is harmless, but it’s really not. This ruins the experience of the ride for the people around you. Think about those that are going on this ride for the VERY first time — they want to experience the ride how it’s supposed to be experienced, they don’t need to hear a random guy reciting the Haunted Mansion preview, because they can never get this memory back.

Please don’t say the script, y’all

This also goes for people who use flash photography on rides or shows. First of all, you are not supposed to do this and the rides usually explicitly state this rule. Especially on dark rides, it completely messes up the magic for everyone! It’s distracting and takes away from the moment. Plus, we promise your picture is not going to turn out well. A way better thing to do is just to experience the ride or show and then find pictures online of the ride, because we promise there are better pics online.

©Disney || See how great this pic is?!

Then there are the people who are having full-on, loud conversations during rides and attractions. Just wait until the ride is over! This is, again, very distracting and takes away from the experience, especially for people who have never been on that particular attraction before.

Finally, there are the people who ruin the magic of Disney, especially for little kids. Try and be VERY conscious of talking about things in the parks, because there could be little ones listening. Don’t ruin the magic when it comes to characters or the like — kids think they’re real and that’s totally okay! They should be having fun and taking it all in. Also, don’t spoil rides or shows when other people are around you. That’s like saying the ending of a new movie to people who haven’t seen it yet — very unnecessary.

Splash Mountain

If you encounter people like this, you can politely ask them to remember that there are little kids around that don’t need to hear wha they’re talking about, or ask a Cast Member to help you out if someone is really being a nuisance.

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Mean parents

Yikes, here we go. Listen, we get it — parents get frustrated, and so do kids, but some kinds of behavior are just not acceptable. We’ve all had those weak moments where you’ve been up for 12 hours with hungry and tired toddlers and things aren’t going the way they should be, but that is when we take deep breaths! It is NOT when we scream at children in Disney World.

Lots of guests waiting to meet Minnie

Parenting is hard, but screaming and cursing at your kids (yep, we’ve heard it all) is not okay — there are other people around, so watch what you’re saying! Other kids don’t need to be hearing the F-word in Tomorrowland. And, you could get in trouble with Disney security, too.

Keep it PG!

We have also seen the parents who do virtually nothing when their kids are upset, which can also cause a disturbance for those around you. If your child is screaming crying during a show or something, the best thing to do is to remove them from the environment for the sake of everyone else if you can. It’s hard to hear Crush’s tubular jokes at Turtle Talk with Crush when there’s a toddler screaming.

Turtle Talk with Crush

Also, like we said before, be aware of those around you. Don’t just let your kid scream and scream and scream for extended periods of time without even trying to help them. It’s disturbing and awkward for everyone. We know they’re tired on the bus back from Magic Kingdom at almost midnight, but so is everyone else. Make sure to have things with you for your kids that you know helps them calm down like pacifiers, toys, snacks, or even an iPad. Everyone will be grateful! We also know that traveling with your little one can be tough and that situations happen. We aren’t telling you how to parent your little one, just more so reminding you that times will get tough in Disney World when little one is hot and tired, so prepare yourself and possibly have ideas in place for solutions that will help both you, little one, and those around you.

Crowded bus

Along the same lines, don’t take your kids on a ride that you KNOW they will hate and then do nothing to comfort them when they freak out. This also really messes up the experience for everyone else. It’s different if they’re trying something new and you don’t know how they’ll react, but intentionally making your kid go on a ride that you know will make them really upset is not cool.

Rise of the Resistance Height Requirement

To help avoid these kinds of situations as much as possible, remember to take breaks during the day. Go back to the hotel for naps in the middle of the day if you got up early, spend a decent amount of time in the air conditioning, or let your kids run around the splash pads. You know your family best, so try and manage expectations and do what is needed for you all to have a nice day.

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People who ruin fireworks and other shows

If you’re short, you especially know what we’re talking about here. It’s happened to us many times — you camp out in your great fireworks spot, and then someone directly in front of you stands up and is 6’11” or puts their kid on top of their shoulders. We know people can’t control their height, but just try to be aware of the people right behind you!

So many people waiting for fireworks

Along the same lines, pull your balloon down, take your Minnie ears off of your head, and please take your kid off of your shoulders. It very much ruins the view for the people behind you, sometimes even further back than you would think. Try finding a spot a decent amount of time before the show where your kids can see if it’s an issue.

Fireworks in Magic Kingdom

And, PLEASE put down your phone or iPad. Please. We are begging. It messes up the view for those behind you and we absolutely promise there are better pictures and videos of the fireworks show you’re watching online. Just enjoy the moment, because are you really going to watch that 10-minute video of Enchantment where you can’t even see everything ever again? Probably not.


Oh — and if you are going to record it (hopefully without lifting your phone high in the sky), TURN YOUR FLASH OFF! You do not need the flash on, your video will look better with it off, and you’re shining light on everyone around you for no reason. If you are around someone like this, kindly ask them to turn their flash off.


Also, please do your best to not talk a bunch during the fireworks and other shows. You can go a few minutes without having a conversation, and you should just be taking in the music anyway!

The most important thing is to think about the people who might be experiencing this show for the very first time and/or might never get a chance to see it again. Don’t ruin it for them, be respectful and aware of those around you. Finally, don’t push and shove when the shows are over to get where you’re going. Everyone is trying to get somewhere, be patient and kind.


If you want to make sure you have a good view of the fireworks, you can stake out a spot, or you can pay for something like a fireworks dessert party. This way, you know it won’t be too crowded, you’ll have a good view, and you get snacks.

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So, please, DON’T be like these people while you’re in Disney World! It’s not worth it and it’s just causing problems for yourself and for those around you. Try and think of others and how everyone should get to have a magical experience while they’re at Disney World. 

At the end of the day it comes down to something pretty cliché, but definitely true: Treat others how you want to be treatedAnd, if you run into people like this at Disney World, we are sorry. No one should have to experience things like this while they’re on vacation! Try to rise above it or politely walk away and go treat yourself to a giant Dole Whip in the shade, because Dole Whips make everything better, right?

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