Take a Look Inside Halloween Celebrations at Disney Parks Around the World

One of the most enjoyable aspects of visiting Disney theme parks outside of the USA is seeing how differently they approach things. The Disney dining experience in Disneyland Tokyo is incredible, and the romantic culture in Disneyland Paris is simply enchanting. Each park has something unique to offer that you can’t enjoy anywhere else. I thought today we might take a look at how the international parks celebrate festive times of the year, like Halloween. Let’s see what is on the schedule in Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Hong Kong!

Disneyland Paris

The French Disney park’s take on this mystical season runs from now until November 6th and includes not one but two Halloween-themed party celebrations when attractions are open until 2 am. The villains are taking over the night for those who dare to stay late, while three haunted areas around Phantom Manor, Adventureland, and Main Street, U.S.A., after midnight, will test your bravery. Enjoy some of the festivities shown in the images below:

Tokyo Disney Resort

The Disney Halloween celebration can be found in both Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea from now until October 31st. At Tokyo Disneyland, you can embrace the spirit of the spooky season with the “Spooky ‘Boo!’ Parade” or enter the bewitching world of those classic Villains in “The Villains Rockin’ Halloween.”

Over in the Tokyo DisneySea park, Mickey Mouse and his friends are waiting to welcome you in Halloween style ­at Mediterranean Harbor as part of the “Disney Halloween Greeting” and at the Hangar Stage. Don’t miss the all-new show “Halloweentime with You.” ­­

Hong Kong Disneyland

Disney Halloween Time at Hong Kong Disneyland is back for another year with more tricks and treats ready to impress than ever before. The celebration will continue until October 31st and feature fun, food, and merchandise to mark the occasion. Don’t miss all of your favorite Disney friends dolled up in their Halloween best when you take part in “Mickey’s Halloween Time Street Party,” including catching up with Duffy’s newest friend, LinaBell. Are you curious to see what Halloween in Hong kong Disneyland looks like? See the images below.

Shanghai Disney Resort

It’s fun times at the Shanghai Disney Resort as they celebrate a wicked time between now and November 4th. Attractions such as Donald’s Halloween Treat Cavalcade will be returning to delight guests as they join their favorite characters for this haunting occasion. Younge guests can enjoy the “This IS Halloween” dance party with the late-night festivities concluding with the Halloween Villains Fireworks show – only until October 31st! Have a look at some of the yummy treats on offer at the Shanghai Disney Resort in the images below.

What an exciting time to be visiting parks around the world. If you could spend Halloween in any of the international parks, which one would you choose?