Super Nintendo World Caps & Hand Puppets Arrive at Universal Studios Hollywood

This past August, we reported that a new shop, the Character Shop, has opened on the Lower Lot at Universal Studios Hollywood. It is not far from the Warp Pipe that will take guests into Super Nintendo World in early 2023.

We visited the shop and found these adorable Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Toad puppets and hats now available for sale. We also found these in other shops in the park.

Mario Hand Puppet – $33.00

Mario puppet close up 1

These are not your ordinary puppets. This charming Mario hand puppet has all the classic features of Mario Mario (yes, that’s his real last name) from the global franchise sensation, Mario.

Mario puppet overview

Dressed in his signature red plumber’s hat with a red “M” on a white circle, the Mario puppet also features his signature blue overalls with yellow buttons, red shirt, white gloves, and brown shoes.

Mario puppet close up 4
Mario puppet close up 3 1 scaled
Mario puppet back

To operate the puppet, there is a slot at the bottom of his blue overalls. You can see the opening will fit anyone’s hand comfortably.

Yoshi the Dinosaur Hand Puppet – $33.00

Yoshi puppet 1

Yoshi is a dinosaur who debuted in Super Mario World  on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System as Mario and Luigi’s sidekick. 

Yoshi puppet front 3

This lovable dinosaur hand puppet is covered in soft synthetic fabric of green and white. He has a prominent snout and big eyes.

Yoshi puppet back

On the back, his spine is in bright orange and he has a large red and white spot in the center of his body.

Yoshi puppet inside

The opening to operate the hand puppet is generous and lined in a soft white fabric.

Toad Hand Puppet – $25.00

Toad puppet view 3 scaled

Toad, who is also known in Japan as Kinopio, primarily appears in Nintendo’s Mario franchise. He’s a humanoid with a mushroom-like head. He is a citizen of the Mushroom Kingdom and is one of Princess Peach’s most loyal attendants. He is constantly working on her behalf.

As with all the hand puppets, Toad is so soft and cuddly he can also double as a comfy plush doll.

Toad puppet view 2

The Toad Hand Puppet faithfully recreates his iconic outfit from his prominent trait of a large head that resembles a mushroom in white with red spots down to his trademark blue vest trimmed in yellow. He also sports white pants and brown shoes.

Toad puppet back

Mario Icon Baseball Hat – $27.00

Mario character hat front close up

From the red cap and center white patch with a red “M” down to the dark blue brim, this Mario character baseball hat has all the signature colors representing everyone’s favorite plumber, Mario.

Mario character hat front side
Mario character hat back

On the right side of the baseball cap is a large white patch with “Super” and “World” embroidered in a colorful thread, while “Nintendo” is in white embroidery. The letters are off-set with black stitching giving them a 3-D look.

Mario character hat opposite side 1

The left side of the baseball cap is left unadorned.

Mario character hat back strap

The back of the hat has a red plastic adjustable strap making it easily fit almost every head.

Mario character hat inside

The inside of the hat carries a red, white, and blue pattern throughout. There are also vent holes on the top of the hat – reinforced in red stitching.

Luigi Icon Baseball Hat – $27.00

Luigi character hat full front

Not to be left out, Luigi, Mario’s younger fraternal twin brother, is represented in his predominately signature colors of dark blue and green.

Luigi character hat front side

The hat features a double-stitched dark blue brim and a green crown. In the center is a large white patch with a generously sized “L” embroidered in green.

Luigi character hat side logo

On the right side of the cap, on a back panel, is the “Super Nintendo World” patch.

Luigi character hat side

The left side of the cap is plain.

Luigi character hat back

The Luigi Baseball Cap also has a plastic adjustable strap with coordinating green stitched air holes in the crown.

Note: a Luigi hand puppet is also available for sale.

Yoshi Big Face Baseball Hat – $27.00

Yoshi character hat front side view

How sweet is this hat?! Yoshi’s cap is covered entirely in lime green fabric. The front panels have Yoshi’s big, lovable eyes and black outlines for his nostrils.

Yoshi character hat front side 2
Yoshi character hat full front

The entire hat is stitched in a contrasting thread.

Yoshi character hat side logo

He also features the signature Super Nintendo World colorful patch on the right side.

Yoshi character hat back side

His bright orange spine is just off-center from the top of the cap and runs down the back.

Yoshi character hat side 5
Yoshi character hat inside

The inside is roomy and it also comes with an adjustable head strap – in lime green … of course.

Will you be picking up a puppet or baseball cap? If so, let us know in the comments below.

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