Someone Has To Have the Worst Day in Disney World. Will It Be You?

There are many ways your day can be ruined at Disney World — in fact, it’s quite EASY to have a terrible time.


Your favorite ride is closed, all the lines have two-hour wait times, it won’t stop raining…we could go on. The good news is that for every problem there’s a solution, and we’ve got you covered. Trust us, you don’t want to be the person having the worst day in Disney World.

Ride Closures

Rides can close for a number of reasons, such as technical issues or for scheduled refurbishments. Technical issues can be unpredictable, but refurbishments are typically planned in advance.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad closed for refurbishment

Certain rides seem to experience more technical issues than others, such as Rise of the Resistance and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. There have been times we’ve seen these rides close down multiple times in one day or for an entire day!

Rise of the Resistance breaks down often

Weather can also cause closures for rides that are located outside, such as Test Track and Slinky Dog Dash.

Test Track closed due to rain

Solution: Check Disney World’s refurbishment calendar before your visit. You may want to reschedule your trip if your favorite ride will be closed! Also, prioritize your favorite rides once you’re in the park. You never know when or if they may close so you’re better off getting in line for them as early as you can.

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Big crowds can mean long lines, sold-out merchandise, packed walkways, and more — and they pretty much guarantee that you’ll spend a lot more time NOT doing the things you want to do.


Solution: If crowds ruin your day, we recommend avoiding popular times to visit Disney World. That includes holidays, summertime, and common school breaks like Spring Break. Check the calendar before you book, and be mindful of peak visiting times.

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Genie+ is still fairly new to Disney World and we’re not lying when we say it’s REALLY complicated. This paid system has replaced the previous FastPass+ system, with Genie+ costing $15 per person, per day, and Individual Lightning Lanes costing between $7 to $15 for a select few of Disney World’s most popular rides.

Disney Genie

Genie+ can only be purchased on a daily basis and you can begin making Lightning Lane reservations at 7AM. Want to have a terrible Disney World day? Buy Genie+ and then miss your 7AM alarm. Genie+ reservations can go fast, especially for popular rides, and it can get worse for you if you miss your Lightning Lane window. You forfeit your reservation, and you won’t be able to re-book.

Splash Mountain Lightning Lane

Solution: Lower your expectations. Make sure you set that daily alarm. Prioritize your favorite rides or the rides that typically have the longest wait times, and read as much as you can about Genie+ BEFORE you step foot in Disney World.

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Technical Issues

Having a smartphone in Disney World is practically a requirement at this point. You need it for the My Disney Experience app, Genie+, placing Mobile Orders, Mobile Checkout, checking ride wait times, maps, locations, and lots more.

Mobile Checkout

Your phone can die, overheat, or even get lost, and the My Disney Experience app can also glitch. There have been times we’ve been unable to use the app at all, which is extra annoying if you’re trying to book a Lightning Lane.


Solution: Always bring a backup battery for your phone and have a backup plan if the My Disney Experience app goes down completely. You can still order food at the counter or shop in the store, and you can speak to a Cast Member if the app is impacting your Genie+ Lightning Lane bookings.

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Park Pass Reservation System

Disney World requires Park Reservations for all visiting guests. Before you can get into a Disney Park, you need both a ticket AND a park pass for each day of your visit, and you need to reserve your pass in advance.

You still have to make Park Pass Reservations to get in the parks!

It’s important to know that park passes can sell out before you finish booking your Disney World trip, but it’s even worse to flat-out forget to book them only to get to Disney World and realize you can’t get into the parks. If you get to Disney World and all four parks are sold out, you can’t get into a park.

Park Pass Reservations are still required

Solution: Prioritize booking your park passes as soon as you finalize your plans. If you’re planning a trip during a popular time period, finalize your plans as far in advance as you can. Also, keep checking. Park pass reservations sometime fill up and then become available again.

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If you’ve never lived in Florida you may be unaware of just how mercurial Florida weather can be. During hurricane season from July to November, an afternoon storm brews almost daily. Winter can be unpredictable too, with some days featuring unusually cold weather. It’s hard to prepare when one day of your trip will be 70 degrees while the next day is in the 50s!

Rain in Hollywood Studios

Solution: As your trip approaches, check the weather predictions before packing. If you’re visiting during hurricane season, plan on bringing rain-friendly clothes and shoes, along with umbrellas or ponchos. If you’re visiting in the winter, don’t assume coats are unnecessary! Check the weather BEFORE you get there.

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Transportation Problems

If you’re using Disney World transportation, there can be plenty of complications. Your Disney World hotel may have a long internal bus loop, your method of transportation may close due to technical issues, and there could be a long line depending on the time of day. The Monorail goes down from time to time and neither boat transportation nor the Skyliner can operate when lightning is present.

Monorail closed

Solution: Have a backup transportation method in mind while visiting. In addition to Disney transportation, you can opt to use rideshare or a Minnie Van, and if you see lightning you can guess that the Skyliner will not be operating.

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Rare Complications

Just like anywhere else in the world, rare complications and emergencies can also happen in Disney World. Fire alarms, power outages, medical emergencies — they can and do happen, like the time a tree next to Cinderella Castle was on fire, leading fire trucks to come down Main Street, U.S.A..

Emergency vehicles in Magic Kingdom

Solution: Always have a Plan B and make sure you bring your insurance card with you in case you need to see a doctor. Most importantly, be flexible. Things WILL go wrong, things will not go according to plan, and it’s best to roll with the punches.

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Even if absolutely nothing goes to plan during your Disney World visit there’s no reason it has to be the worst day. Knowing how things work ahead of time is important to avoid complications and disappointment, and having a Plan B (and C…and D…) is a good idea.

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