RUMOR: Is Candlelight Processional at EPCOT in for a Change?

Rumors can be tricky. Do we believe them? Do we toss them aside? Do we even give it the time of day? Let’s talk about this rumor that has been brought to our attention from multiple sources; Candlelight Processional is changing several parts of the show. People in the Disney social media space have talked about how this show should change or how it shouldn’t be touched at all. Let’s take a look at what the rumored changes are.

RUMORED changes to Candlelight Processional

  • New Songs
  • Reduced Hallelujah chorus
  • New Narration

Now to some Disney fans, these changes might not seem significant or life-changing, but these changes could mean a lot for some Disney fans. Now again, this is all rumored, so we have no idea if this will happen or not.

If these changes were to come to fruition, would you still watch Candlelight Processional, or would you skip it? Let us know in the comments.