REVIEW: Where To Get Thanksgiving Dinner ALL. YEAR. LONG. in Disney World

We’ve said before that Magic Kingdom isn’t our favorite Disney World park for dining. EPCOT clearly has it beat, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom has some incredible eats as well. But did you know there’s an absolute GEM hiding in Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square?

Liberty Square

One sit-down restaurant that has us returning again and again is Liberty Tree Tavern. This spot serves Thanksgiving dinner year-round with fantastic theming and a dessert course to die for. We’re heading back into the Tavern today to see if it’s as good as we remember! Come along with us to find out whether you should make reservations for your next trip.

Liberty Tree Tavern — located in Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square — is a sit-down restaurant, so you’ll need to make reservations if you plan on eating here. You might be able to get inside if you join the waitlist, though, so if you’re not able to get reservations for the day you want, we’d still recommend stopping by to ask the Cast Members if there’s any room available.

Liberty Tree Tavern

Like we said, it’s a bit of a hidden gem, so the reservations may not fill up every day. However, if reservations are full when you visit, head to The Diamond Horseshoe instead. That restaurant is currently serving almost the exact same menu as Liberty Tree Tavern (at the same price, too)!

The Diamond Horseshoe

Currently, Liberty Tree Tavern serves lunch and dinner, with lunch from 11AM to 2:55PM and dinner from 3PM to 6:55PM. The food is served family-style, so you’ll get a lot of options at your table and you can serve yourself. Both meals cost $39 per adult and $21 per child.


That makes it one of the cheaper sit-down restaurants in Magic Kingdom, especially because it’s not a character meal.


The restaurant itself is themed after a late 18th-century home. It’s divided into 6 different dining rooms, which each represent an important figure in U.S. History: Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Paul Jones, Paul Revere, Betsy Ross, and George Washington.

Liberty Tree Tavern

Each room has signature artifacts that are associated with the person that the room is named after. Make sure you get up and walk around the restaurant while you’re dining there to check out each room.


The atmosphere is generally pretty cozy, with large brick fireplaces, wood paneling, and heavy wood furniture.

Liberty Tree Tavern Atmosphere

We were in the Betsy Ross room, which had her portrait hanging on the wall…

Betsy Ross Portrait

…along with themed decorations like early versions of the American flag.

Inside the room

Seating options include tables and chairs along with some booth benches.


We had cloth napkins and silverware at our table, and paper menus were available upon request, although you can also use your phone to see the menu.


Let’s dive into the food!



As we mentioned earlier, this restaurant serves Thanksgiving year-round. You’ll get an all-you-care-to-enjoy spread of salad, rolls, roasted turkey, pot roast, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and more. There’s also a plant-based option with Impossible Meatloaf, mushroom gravy, and more veggies.


If you have allergies, check out the allergy-friendly menu as well.


For drinks, you can choose from a variety of sodas, coffee, iced tea, or non-alcoholic specialty drinks


…or the 21-and-older crowd can take a look at the cocktails, beer, hard cider


…and wine by the glass or bottle.


Coffee, iced tea, hot cocoa, milk, and soda are included in the cost of the meal, but other specialty drinks will cost extra.


We started out with the appetizers, which were a salad and rolls with butter. The salad is called the Declaration Salad, and it’s made with tossed mixed greens, housemade dressing, cucumber, carrot, radish, and tomato.

Salad, Rolls, and Butter

The salad was pretty good! The dressing was very tasty — it’s house-made and reminded us of an Italian dressing.

Declaration Salad

All of the veggies on it were crisp and fresh, which balanced out the rest of the heavier meal very well.

Tasty veggies

Although it wasn’t a super special salad, we thought this was a good way to start the meal.

Pretty good!

The rolls were good as well. They were pretty basic, plain rolls, but they were fluffy and warm, so we enjoyed them!


Here’s a quick DFB hack for you — use these rolls later on to make a delicious Thanksgiving sandwich once the meat, stuffing, and cranberry sauce come out!

Inside the roll

Next, the Patriot’s Platter came out, which consists of roasted turkey, Pennsylvania pot roast, oven-roasted pork, mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables, herb stuffing, and house-made macaroni and cheese.

Patriot’s Platter

We started with the roasted turkey, which was a bit dry but had plenty of flavor, especially if you poured some gravy over it. It was our second favorite of the meats (pot roast took first place), and both light and dark options were available.


The pot roast was our favorite thing on this platter! This is why we keep coming back. It’s cooked perfectly: the meat just falls apart, and the gravy it’s served with is so flavorful. The onions and carrots mixed in are a great addition as well. They’re not overcooked, so they still had a bit of a crunch.

Pot Roast

This might be one of the best pot roasts we’ve ever had, and we think it’ll be a crowd-pleaser for sure.

So good!

Like the turkey, the pork was a little bit dry but still good. It’s a “fine” dish, and if you enjoy pork then we think you’ll like this! But definitely eat this one with the gravy — it’s too dry without it.


The mashed potatoes were big winners in our book. They definitely had a lot of sour cream and butter mixed in, because they were SO creamy. They also had chunks of potatoes inside them, which we thought provided a great addition to the texture. They felt like fancy potatoes rather than the normal kind you’ll find at most Disney restaurants.

Mashed Potatoes

Unfortunately, we were a bit disappointed by the macaroni and cheese. One of our reporters really enjoyed it and thought it had a strong cheese flavor with a creamy texture, but the other 2 disagreed and thought it was too watery and bland. One said that it was too much like boxed mac & cheese to be served at a nice restaurant.

Mac and Cheese

However, they all agreed that this dish would be good for kids or picky eaters generally.

Good, not great

The green beans were surprisingly delicious! They were cooked perfectly and still had a bit of a crunch, and they had butter, salt, and pepper on top. We could snack on these all day. They were very well-seasoned and could probably even trick little kids into eating their veggies (maybe).

Green beans

The stuffing was pretty average, as far as stuffing goes. You could taste the herbs in it, and we thought it went well with the meat and potatoes.


It was best with a bit of cranberry sauce added to it, though!

Cranberry sauce

We also tried the Impossible Meatloaf, which we thought was a bit “meh.” Our reporter — who usually likes Impossible meat — thought it was too mushy and the texture was a little bit off.

Impossible Meatloaf

However, the flavor of it was pretty good, especially if you added the mushroom gravy to it!

The flavor was pretty good!

The plant-based potatoes were very good. They were simple, but we thought they were well-cooked and had a great texture.

Mashed Potatoes

We ended our meal with the Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake, which is at the very top of our list of things to eat at this restaurant. It is SO. GOOD. Honestly, it’s one of the best desserts we’ve ever had in Magic Kingdom and maybe in Disney World in general. It’s made with warm vanilla toffee cake that’s topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake

It’s so melty and indulgent — the cake was cooked perfectly, and the chocolate and ice cream soaked into it, making it sinfully rich and moist. It was VERY sweet, so you’ve got to like heavy desserts in order to enjoy this one. With pretty simple flavors and such a great balance of textures, this cake will likely appeal to all palates — kids and adults alike.


Honestly, the rest of the meal could’ve been terrible and we still might have come back just for this dessert. We could eat 10 of them in one sitting. We wish we were kidding.

Nosh or Not

Come on down to have Thanksgiving year-round if you:

  • Are looking for a hearty, filling meal in Magic Kingdom. With several different meats, mashed potatoes, and gravy to pour over everything, this is definitely a meal that will fill you up.
  • Want to enjoy holiday flavors any time of the year. If you’re a big Thanksgiving food fan, you’ll love the spread at this restaurant. And if you’re visiting from a different country that doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, we think this is a good place to try some traditional American eats.
  • Need a relaxing break in the air conditioning in the middle of a busy day. If you want to take a break from all the walking, crowd navigating, and parade watching in the sun, we highly recommend making reservations for a sit-down meal. It’s a great way to get off your feet for a while and enjoy some time in the cool air.

Skip this spot and head somewhere else instead if you:

  • Want more exciting or adventurous eats. Thanksgiving food is super fun, but you might already have a feast planned for this year. If you want to try something a little bit different, try Skipper Canteen over in Adventureland!
  • Have a busy day planned and don’t want to waste any time. Sit-down meals in Disney World can eat up a lot of time. If you’d rather focus on the rides and attractions, we recommend eating at quick service spots instead! Some of our favorites in Magic Kingdom are Casey’s Corner, Columbia Harbour House, and Sleepy Hollow Refreshments.
  • Are a plant-based eater who doesn’t like Impossible meat. We didn’t mind the Impossible meatloaf here, but if you don’t like that flavor, there really isn’t much else to eat besides the salad and mashed potatoes. It’s a very “meat and potatoes” kind of meal, which may not work for all diets.


In general, we enjoyed our meal at the Liberty Tree Tavern. The food is fairly simple and basic, but it’s also very fun to get to have a Thanksgiving feast whenever you want to. For that reason, we think this is a good place to bring kids or picky eaters — even though it’s a simple meal, it’s not boring.

The full spread

It’s also an indoor restaurant with a good amount of seating, so you may be able to get in even if you try to visit without reservations. A nice meal in air conditioning might be exactly what you need in Magic Kingdom! Although there are some better or more exciting restaurants nearby (like Steakhouse 71 for fancier eats or Be Our Guest for a more “Disney” atmosphere), we still think this is a solid option with some great flavors.

Liberty Tree Tavern

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