Review: We Found a “Secret” Treat for Cheesecake Fans in Disney Springs

Lean in close, we’ve got a secret to share! 🤫

Disney Springs

There are all kinds of special secret eats throughout the Disney parks and resorts. These secret menu items come and go and sometimes are only offered for a VERY limited period. If you want to grab a limited-time sweet & “SECRET” treat, then Disney Springs is the place you’ll want to go.

Over at Swirls on the Water at Disney Springs, you can find a special Trick or Treat Cone for a limited time!

The Instagram post from Disney Springs about this treat noted that guests must say the code words “trick or treat!” to be able to “unlock” this menu item. But it turns out this treat isn’t so secret after all! When we ordered the snack in mid-October in Disney Springs, there was a sign out for it at the kiosk and no one really asked us to say “trick or treat” as a “code word.” 🤷‍♀️

We went on the very same day that the announcement was posted on Instagram, so it’s possible that things will change in the future. If you make your way to Disney Springs and don’t see the sign for this, consider asking if it is available and all you might need to do is say the magic words!

Well, That’s Not So Secret!

Magic words or not, what will you get when you order this sweet treat? Well, the Trick or Treat Cone is made of a black vanilla-flavored cone, a swirl of pumpkin and purple cheesecake soft-serve, orange and purple sprinkles, and a Mickey Mouse shortbread cookie covered in dark chocolate.

We Got It!

The mixture of pumpkin and purple cheesecake is a bit more unique than your standard vanilla or chocolate, so that was really nice. If you enjoy cheesecake or cheesecake-flavored desserts, we think this will actually be a great treat for you!

But be warned, as we noted above, the flavor combo here leans more on the unique side. If you’ve got a little kiddo who wants this treat just because it’s colorful, you may want to advise them to grab something else. The flavors are somewhat different than more “safe” or “standard” flavors, so that could be a little less enjoyable for picky palettes.

What Do You Think?

If you want to try this snack for yourself, head to Swirls on the Water and pick it up (while it lasts) for $6.49!

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Pumpkin Soft-Serve

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