PHOTOS, VIDEO: Remodeled Kona Cafe Opens at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, First Look at Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Menus

Kona Cafe is now reopened at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort! While scheduled to reopen November 1, the restaurant opened two days early. Let’s take a look at the new changes!


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Very little remains from the previous look of Kona Cafe, with the style shifting to match the refurbishments done to the hotel last year.

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We previously noted the addition of an awning to the front of the restaurant.

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The breakfast menu appears unaltered. Tonga Toast lovers everywhere rejoice!

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The lunch menu is also untouched, albeit some sushi options are back after a long absence.

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The dinner menu is where we finally see a few new items.

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The sautéed red quinoa is a new plant based option for dinner at Kona. The sushi menu has also been expanded to include options from before COVID-19 impacted Walt Disney World.


Let’s take a look inside!

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When you first walk into the restaurant, the on-stage kitchen is still intact. This gives guests a live view into the preparation of dishes.

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Many of the hanging light fixtures now feature this casing that resembles a wicker basket.

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On the far wall, to the right when you enter, there are new colorful, tropical flowers.

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Upon closer inspection you can see that these flowers have Polynesian-style designs on the petals. The rock wall is also lit from below.

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All of the seating in the restaurant is new. Around these tables the chairs now have a deep green cushion.

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The chairs and benches in other areas have golden brown cushions.

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kona cafe3002 scaled
kona cafe3004 scaled

You can see how different tables have different colored cushions on the chairs; some even with a beautiful aqua blue color seen below.

kona cafe3005 scaled

Even the carpet has a new Polynesian-style pattern!

kona cafe3006 scaled
kona cafe2995 scaled

The ceiling showcases all-new artwork. The artwork is also Polynesian-inspired. You can see themes of ocean, water, waves, and also lush landscapes.

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There are wood beams throughout the restaurant, many with inset lighting.

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The wall to the left of the entrance, nearer to the windows and monorail station, also has a rock wall covered by similar tropical flowers.

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To see a full walkthrough tour of the newly reopened Kona Cafe, check out our video below:

What do you think of the new look for Kona Café? Let us know in the comments.

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