PHOTOS: Every Piece of 2022 Christmas Merchandise Available at Disneyland Resort (with Prices) – Crocs, Spirit Jersey, Ears, and More!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Disney Parks! Christmas decor is starting to be spotted, and for those looking to do some shopping at World of Disney in the Downtown Disney District of Disneyland Resort, there are plenty of new options for holiday merchandise. Let’s take a look at everything we found!

12 Days of Christmas Box of Surprises — $39.99


This is a 12 days of Christmas box of surprises!

wod disneyland christmas0680

This box includes four pairs of stud earrings, six interchangeable charms, three mini hair clips, one set of huggie earrings, and a chain necklace.

wod disneyland christmas0675 scaled

Matching Red and Green Stockings — $34.99 each

wod disneyland christmas0672 scaled

You can purchase this matching stocking set to go over your mantle this Christmas! This one is a cream colored stocking, with a green print pattern that features Mickey decorating the Christmas tree while Pluto watches! You can also spot Chip and Dale if you look closely!

wod disneyland christmas0674 scaled

The back of the stocking and trim along the top are both red velvet. A holly berry branch is also embroidered at the top.

wod disneyland christmas0671 scaled

The matching stocking also has a cream background, but with a red print of Minnie and Daisy decorating their tree.

wod disneyland christmas0664 scaled
wod disneyland christmas0665 scaled

The back and trim of this one is a green velvet.

wod disneyland christmas0666 scaled

Embroidered ornaments decorate the top.

wod disneyland christmas0662 scaled

Minnie Mouse Christmas Onesie Set for Infants — $34.99

wod disneyland christmas0661 scaled

Disney fans who have a new bundle of joy in their life will love this set of two Christmas themed onesies!

wod disneyland christmas0660 scaled

One is red with Minnie Mouse and says “Merry and Bright”, the other is cream colored with Mickey shaped heads and star designs.

wod disneyland christmas0658 scaled

Green Minnie Mouse Christmas List Sweatshirt — $54.99

wod disneyland christmas0649 scaled

Minnie Mouse is reading her list and checking it twice on the front of this green Christmas sweatshirt!

wod disneyland christmas0651 scaled

The back has white and gold snowflakes starting to fall.

wod disneyland christmas0652 scaled

Minnie Mouse Holiday Infant Set — $44.99

wod disneyland christmas0643 scaled

This Minnie Mouse infant set comes with a white sweater, a red skirt, and a set of booties that mimic black shoes!

wod disneyland christmas0645 scaled

Holiday Treats Button Up Shirt — $49.99

wod disneyland christmas0642 scaled

This button-up shirt looks like a pajama top, but wasn’t nearly soft enough to be one.

wod disneyland christmas0641 scaled

It has a pattern with candy canes, gingerbread cookies, Santa Mickey premium bars, and peppermints.

wod disneyland christmas0637 scaled

Santa Stitch Youth T-Shirt — $19.99

wod disneyland christmas0572 scaled

Stitch is on his best behavior on this youth t-shirt, posing the question of the season: nice list?

wod disneyland christmas0571 scaled

Green Disneyland Christmas Light Long-sleeve Shirt — $36.99

wod disneyland christmas0560 scaled

This green long-sleeve shirt features the iconic Disneyland font laced with colorful Christmas lights.

wod disneyland christmas0559 scaled

Mickey Ears Gingerbread Cookie Hat — $29.99

wod disneyland christmas0570 scaled

This red hat is so fun, with black Mickey ears on top, a Mickey shaped gingerbread cookie on the front, and a Mickey shaped peppermint on the bill.

wod disneyland christmas0566 scaled
wod disneyland christmas0564 scaled

Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck Caroling T-Shirt — $24.99

wod disneyland christmas0557 scaled

Minnie and Daisy have gone caroling on the front of this mint green t-shirt!

wod disneyland christmas0556 scaled

Green Holiday Minnie Mouse Ears — $34.99

wod disneyland christmas0547 scaled

These Minnie Mouse ears are made from a velvety green material, with a red sequined bow and a white puff in the middle.

wod disneyland christmas0551 scaled
wod disneyland christmas0550 scaled
wod disneyland christmas0549 scaled

Green Minnie and Mickey Christmas Tree Sweatshirt — $44.99

wod disneyland christmas0539 scaled

Mickey and Minnie are getting their tree ready for Christmas on this sweatshirt.

wod disneyland christmas0543

On one sleeve you can spot Mickey, and on the other you can see Minnie Mouse!

wod disneyland christmas0541

Happy Holidays Decorative Pillow — $39.99

wod disneyland christmas0533 scaled

This decorative pillow has the whole gang! Goofy, Daisy, Donald, Minnie, Mickey, and Pluto are all decorating together!

wod disneyland christmas0536 scaled

The back of the pillow is solid red.

wod disneyland christmas0535 scaled
wod disneyland christmas0534 scaled

Mickey and Minnie Christmas Countdown Calendar — $54.99

wod disneyland christmas0530 scaled

Countdown to Christmas with this cute Mickey and Minnie advent calendar!

wod disneyland christmas0531 scaled

The piece features Mickey putting his star on the tree while Minnie perfectly places an ornament.

wod disneyland christmas0526 scaled

The number cubes inside can be pulled out and adjusted to reflect the countdown to December 25 all month long.

wod disneyland christmas0525 1 scaled

Christmas Tree Zip-Up Hoodie — $64.99

wod disneyland christmas0519 scaled

This zip up hoodie features classic Disney characters walking through a pine forest, all ready for Christmas!

wod disneyland christmas0522 scaled
wod disneyland christmas0521 scaled

Mickey Pattern Sparkle Dress for Youth — $69.99

wod disneyland christmas0510 scaled

This beautiful cream colored dress sparkles and shines! The pattern has Mickey Mouse all over, but very subtly between the sparkles.

wod disneyland christmas0511 scaled

The front left side of the dress has an oversized bow.

wod disneyland christmas0512 scaled

Mickey Pattern Sparkle Dress for Infants — $39.99

wod disneyland christmas0516 scaled

If the little girl in your life isn’t quite big enough for the youth sized dress yet, you’re in luck! They made the exact same dress in infant sizes as well.

wod disneyland christmas0518 scaled

Mickey Mouse Santa Hat Spirit Jersey for Youth — $74.99

wod disneyland christmas0508 scaled

This youth spirit jersey is understated but classy. It features Mickey Mouse on the front wearing his Santa hat.

wod disneyland christmas0507 scaled

Across the back is the simple and iconic Disneyland Resort logo.

wod disneyland christmas0506 scaled

Mickey Mouse Santa Hat Spirit Jersey for Adults — $94.99

wod disneyland christmas0505 scaled

This simple spirit jersey design is also available in adult sizes.

wod disneyland christmas0500 scaled
wod disneyland christmas0499 scaled

In this close up photo you can see how the Mickey face and Santa hat are made from sequins.

wod disneyland christmas0498 scaled
wod disneyland christmas0497 scaled
wod disneyland christmas0496 scaled

Christmas Tree Pet Sleepwear — $29.99

wod disneyland christmas0489 scaled

If the pet in your life needs to get in the holiday spirit too, this Christmas sleepwear for pets is perfect!

wod disneyland christmas0491 scaled

Disney characters in the same pine forest pattern we’ve seen on other merchandise cover this set as well.

wod disneyland christmas0490 scaled
wod disneyland christmas0488 scaled

Holiday Cheer Pet Chew Toys — $24.99

wod disneyland christmas0486 scaled

If you don’t want to dress up your pup, but still want them to have something under the tree, these toys will do the trick.

wod disneyland christmas0484 scaled

A Mickey shaped gingerbread man, Mickey Santa ice cream, and frosted Mickey donut make up this set.

wod disneyland christmas0483 scaled
wod disneyland christmas0482 scaled

Happy Holidays Pet Spirit Jersey — $24.99

wod disneyland christmas0472 scaled

Even pets can wear spirit jerseys! This Happy Holidays spirit jersey for pets is adorable.

wod disneyland christmas0477 scaled

Snowmen, candy canes, and even squirrels line this small jersey.

wod disneyland christmas0476 scaled
wod disneyland christmas0474 scaled

Fleece-Lined Holiday Crocs — $64.99

wod disneyland christmas0464 scaled

These fleece-lined crocs are perfect to wear on Christmas morning!

wod disneyland christmas0466 scaled

Mickey and Donald are showcased on either foot.

wod disneyland christmas0465 scaled
wod disneyland christmas0470 scaled

The fleece inside is super warm looking!

wod disneyland christmas0469 scaled
wod disneyland christmas0468 scaled
wod disneyland christmas0467 scaled
wod disneyland christmas0463 scaled
wod disneyland christmas0462 scaled

DIY Ornament Kit — $19.99

wod disneyland christmas0456 scaled

This DIY ornament kit is perfect to add a personal touch to any tree!

wod disneyland christmas0450 scaled

In the kit you’ll receive three Mickey-shaped ornaments, several sets of stickers, and different colored markers.

wod disneyland christmas0455 scaled
wod disneyland christmas0453 scaled
wod disneyland christmas0451 scaled

Red Mickey Mouse Candy Cane Sweatshirt — $54.99

wod disneyland christmas0445 scaled

Mickey is leaning on his candy cane… cane in this red Disneyland sweatshirt.

wod disneyland christmas0446 scaled

Mickey Mouse Santa Spirit Jersey for Youth — $79.99


Mickey Mouse is walking in a winter wonderland on this sweater-like spirit jersey for kids.


The back has a snowman, a pair of rabbits, and a pair of cardinals.

wod disneyland christmas0444 scaled

Garland and red bows line the sleeves.

wod disneyland christmas0443 scaled

Mickey Mouse Santa Spirit Jersey for Adults — $99.99

wod disneyland christmas0441 scaled

The same pattern is available in adult sizes as well.

wod disneyland christmas0442 scaled
wod disneyland christmas0438 scaled

Disney Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar — $14.99

wod disneyland christmas0425 scaled

If you feel like counting down the days to Christmas with a bit of a sweet tooth, this milk chocolate advent calendar is perfect. Open the box for a different chocolate every day!

wod disneyland christmas0426 scaled

Christmas Chocolate Bar Set — $15.99

wod disneyland christmas0422 scaled

The chocolate lover you’re buying gifts for will surely love this set of five different chocolate bars!

wod disneyland christmas0424 scaled

There is a dark chocolate peppermint crunch bar, dark chocolate sea salt bar, milk chocolate bar, milk chocolate marshmallow bar, and eggnog flavored candy bar.

wod disneyland christmas0423 scaled
wod disneyland christmas0419 scaled

The Merriest Place on Earth Christmas Magnet — $11.99

wod disneyland christmas0415

This magnet shows Mickey and Minnie decorating their tree before Christmas.

Mickey Mouse Santa Mug — $24.99

wod disneyland christmas0406 scaled

This mug is perfect for leaving some milk out with Santa’s cookies on Christmas Eve!

wod disneyland christmas0409 scaled

The handle of the mug is actually the top of Mickey’s Santa hat!

wod disneyland christmas0408 scaled
wod disneyland christmas0407 scaled

Mickey and Minnie Holiday Ears — $34.99

wod disneyland christmas0397 scaled

This set of ears has Mickey and Minnie dancing in a winter wonderland!

wod disneyland christmas0403 scaled

Minnie is on one ear, and Mickey is on the other.

wod disneyland christmas0402 scaled
wod disneyland christmas0401 scaled

The clear plastic ears are full of snow-like bits.

wod disneyland christmas0400 scaled
wod disneyland christmas0399 scaled

Disneyland Christmas Icons Spirit Jersey — $79.99

wod disneyland christmas0394 scaled
wod disneyland christmas0392 scaled

This green and white striped spirit jersey features so many different Christmas icons!

wod disneyland christmas0391 scaled

Holly, candy canes, Christmas lights, snowmen, and more!

wod disneyland christmas0390 scaled
wod disneyland christmas0389 scaled

Frosted Gingerbread Cookie Stitch Munchling — $34.99

wod disneyland christmas0370 scaled

This munchling is a frosted gingerbread cookie shaped like Stitch!

wod disneyland christmas0367 scaled

He’s wearing a green bow tie with a peppermint in the middle.

stitch munchling
wod disneyland christmas0366 scaled

The Merriest Place on Earth Christmas Throw Blanket — $59.99

wod disneyland christmas0379 scaled

Stay warm this Christmas with this red and white throw blanket!

wod disneyland christmas0383 scaled

The blanket design is the same Mickey and Minnie decorating their tree design we have seen on other merchandise.

wod disneyland christmas0381 scaled
wod disneyland christmas0380 scaled

Minnie Mouse Infant Holiday Dress — $34.99

wod disneyland christmas0690

This read dress for infants is adorable. It has onesie-style snaps in the bottom but covered by a faux skirt. It also has long sleeves and a black and white Minnie Mouse on the front with a gold bow.

wod disneyland christmas0691

Mickey and Minnie Holiday T-Shirt for Women — $36.99

wod disneyland christmas0683

This simple white t-shirt is perfect for Christmas in warmer climates! It has Mickey and Minnie smiling and ready for the holidays on the front.

wod disneyland christmas0684

What items will you add to your Christmas list? Let us know in the comments.

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