Our List of WARNINGS For Disney World’s Newest Treat

Disney World knows a thing or two about dome cakes.

Goofy’s Dome Cake

What’s a dome cake you ask? Exactly what it sounds like — a small, dome-shaped cake, usually themed after a Disney character or park icon. We’ve seen dome cakes dedicated to Disney World’s 50th Anniversary, Donald Duck, Goofy, and even Mr. Toad. But now, there’s a new dome cake in Disney World — so come with us as we try it out!

We’re heading on over to Gaston’s Tavern in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland to see all that their latest dome cake has to offer! The Pluto Dome Cake is a gluten-friendly peanut butter mousse with a chocolate ganache center on top of a chocolate flourless cake for $8.29.

NEW Pluto Dome Cake from Gaston’s Tavern

First of all, let us just say that we’re glad to see Pluto getting some love here! We love the little chocolate ears on top of the cake and his signature green color is represented here too. But, how does this thing TASTE? Well, if you like chocolate — this is for you! It was definitely chocolate-forward, and we didn’t really get too much of a peanut butter flavor from the mousse, just more chocolate. In fact, we didn’t really taste any peanut butter at all.

Pluto Dome Cake

This cake is SWEET. Very sweet — we’d suggest splitting it because after a few bites we were ready to call our dentist. The gelatin dome covering the cake is pretty gummy and doesn’t really add anything in terms of flavor — it just looks cool — and the green icing at the bottom was also on the sweet side and stained our hands green!

The little Pluto ears!

We did enjoy the crispy pearls at the bottom, as they added a nice crunch to the cake which was essentially just one consistency throughout. The flourless cake at the bottom was delicious and not too sweet, but it was a really thin layer and we wish there had been more of it to balance out the sweetness from the rest of the Pluto Dome Cake.

A look inside

This would be great for kids or anyone who really loves sweet, sweet, sweet desserts. Chocolate lovers might enjoy this too, but it’s probably not for you if you prefer dark chocolate. And sorry peanut butter fans, if you were hoping for an explosion of peanut butter flavor here — you’re out of luck.

Sorry peanut butter fans!

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