Not Even Minnie Ears are Safe From Price Increases!

Minnie Ears are a fan-favorite accessory, and some fans have started collections. I have a portion of my office dedicated to all the Minnie Ears I’ve bought throughout the years. We have seen Minnie Ears increase in price as the years passed. The last price increase brought the base price of ears to $29.99, which had some of us question if that price was justifiable.

As we all know, there has been another price hike. It all started with Disney Genie+ and trickled down to other things like refillable mugs. Today, while walking around Animal Kingdom, I noticed another price increase. The base price for Minnie Ears has increased by $5. The base price is now $34.99. It looks like I have to find something cheaper to collect.

Let’s face it price increases are inevitable. Will people still buy Minnie Ears? Of course, they will. For me, I will definitely become more selective about which ears I’m going to buy for my collection. I’ll have to start spacing out how often I buy them, and I’ll have to decide which ears are more important. I know myself; I’ll never stop buying ears. I’m just going to have to be more mindful when I am shopping for Minnie Ears.

Will you still buy Minnie Ears? Will you be more selective with what you buy? Let us know in the comments.