New Fantasmic! Billboard has Debuted at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

November 3rd is creeping up on us, which means Fantasmic! is getting closer to opening at Hollywood Studios. Today a brand new billboard on Sunset Blvd has debuted to signify the show’s return.

The new sign can be seen on the LED billboard outside the Tower of Terror. This billboard is primarily used in Sunset Seasons Greetings, a show that takes place during the holidays, but for now, it will show off this new art for Fantasmic! daily. This new billboard shows Sorcerer Mickey battling Maleficent, in her dragon form, of course.

This new show poster clearly pays homage to the Fantasia movie poster with those big capital letters, and the font used for ‘Disney’ on the sign is identical to the font used on the poster. The billboard also reminds us that this nighttime spectacular is “A journey beyond your wildest imagination.” Just reading that quote got me so excited to see the show once it reopens. Seeing this new street sign on Sunset Blvd makes the reopening feel more real.

Who is excited for Fantasmic! to reopen? When will you be watching the updated show? Let us know in the comments.