New EPCOT 40th Anniversary Merch has Dropped at Creations Shop

EPCOT’s 40th Anniversary wasn’t the most overwhelming celebration, but they did do a decent amount to celebrate. Part of the celebration was releasing anniversary merchandise and boy did they release a lot of it. I have had all the self-control in the world to not buy any of it, but I think that has come to an end. I’ll let you guys guess which one of these new pieces will be coming home with me.

Figment and Spaceship Earth Light-up Figurine

One of the new items that dropped I need, I need it right now. There is a new Spaceship Earth statue that features Figment. The best part is that it lights up! This new statuette costs $125. The base of Spaceship Earth has all the different logos from the pavilions, but of course, Figment is the center of attention. I think the best part is that on the front it says, ”Celebrating 40 years of Imagination.” The real question is, is this worth $125? I mean, I would save up for this figurine.

EPCOT 40th Anniversary Toothpick Holder/Shot Glass

Now, this piece of merchandise doesn’t really excite me, but it’s new. This toothpick holder but also shot glass is pretty confusing. At first, I thought it was a small candle holder, like the ones you see on tables at restaurants. This is a very versatile piece of merch and it costs $9.99. So for 10 bucks, you can get either a toothpick holder, a shot glass, or maybe a candle holder.

Now be honest with me, would you buy any of these new items? Or would you just walk away? Let me know what you guys think in the comments.