New Disney Merchandise has Landed in Animal Kingdom

I start every park day the same, window shopping. Today I noticed a few new items while wandering around the Discovery Trading Company, the main store in Animal Kingdom. Let me show you what I saw!

Gray and White Walt Disney World Sherpa Sweater – $69.99

Ah yes, its 85 degrees outside and fluffy sweaters have hit the shelves. This very cute sweater is EXTREMELY soft. I love the castle design on the front of sweater and this color scheme is perfect. Best part it that it has pockets!

Gray and White Walt Disney World Sherpa Sweatpants – $54.99

Here are the matching sweatpants that will be perfect for that one really cold week we get in Central Florida. If you want the whole set you’ll have to cough up $124.98 unless you have any discounts. If I had to pick between the two I would get the sweater because it would look so cute with some biker shorts.

Hercules Loungefly Bag – $85

It seems like there always a new Loungefly bag every time I go window shopping. The new bags always look at me and scream ”Take me home!” Trust me I wish I could. My favorite part of this bag is the back. Megara looks great on the back of the bag, so good that I wish she was on the front.

Walt Disney World Dumbo T-Shirt – $36.99

I am not the biggest Dumbo fan so I wouldn’t buy this shirt, but I know theres plenty of people that would. I do like the colors of this t-shirt, though.

Dooney & Burke Christmas Bag – $298

Christmas is slowly making its way into Walt Disney World. Last week at Magic Kingdom we saw a Christmas sweater and now we have bags. I love Dooney & Burke bags, but they are just so expensive. The holiday print for this year is adorable and the color scheme is perfect.

Dooney & Burke Christmas Wallet – $168

If you don’t want the bag that’s okay because guess what? They have a Christmas wallet!

Purple Magic Kingdom Collection

Most Magical Place on Earth Matching Set

Gray Magic Kingdom Hoodie $59.99

Gray & Purple Magic Kingdom Sweatshirt – $49.99

Not going to lie it was weird seeing Magic Kingdom themed merchandise in Animal Kingdom.

I hope you enjoyed window shopping on this wonderful Thursday, I know I did. Is there any merchandise that stood out to you? If so, which piece is it and would you buy it? Let us know in the comments.