I Travel Full-Time. Here Are 8 Things I Keep in My Car.

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I live on the road full-time, staying in homes where I am house sitting, and in between house sits, in Airbnbs or hotels.

As a member of the DFB team who works remotely, this “digital nomad” lifestyle is compatible with my full-time job, and it’s something I’ve chosen to do as an adventure as a newly minted empty-nester.

As you might imagine, I spend lots of time in my vehicle — not to mention that I am carrying my whole wardrobe and well, basically, everything I need with me.

Car organization and convenience have become very important to me. Here are some of the things I use to keep my car as neat as possible, and to keep things I need at my fingertips.

Halo Bolt

This compact device is a tool that can do so many things for you, should you — heaven forbid — find yourself stranded. As a solo traveler, I am glad to have this “just in case” device!

The Halo Bolt can jump start your car, but in addition, it can work as an air compressor to inflate a low tire, work as a floodlight if you’re stuck somewhere in the dark, and charge your phone or other electronic devices. It’s pretty genius, and everyone who owns a vehicle should have one!

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First Aid Kit

Getting the rest of the “in case of emergency” gear out of the way … I do carry a First Aid kit, and you probably should, too!

This one from Johnson & Johnson seems to have all your basic needs covered for a reasonable price on Amazon.

Click here to buy this First Aid Kit!

Baby Wipe Dispenser

Yes, my only child is in college. Yes, I still carry baby wipes. Doesn’t everyone?

This baby wipe dispenser stores them neatly and keeps them moist. I use this thing daily!

Click here to buy this Baby Wipe Dispenser!

Coin Holder

OK, this may be niche, but little spring-loaded coin holders used to be a thing in cars. Are they still a thing? I don’t think I’ve ever owned a car with one.

I love having this coin holder instead of a pocket in my door where I throw change and then have to dig through to find what I need.

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Car Headrest Hook

These are the handiest things in the universe, and I can’t believe they don’t come standard in cars.

These hooks hang on your car headrest. They instantly solve the problem of where to put your purse (other than the passenger seat), and I use a second one to hold my umbrella and keep it within easy reach.

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Mini Fridge

OK, yeah, I know this seems really bougie. However, I take injectable medication that must be refrigerated.

I was trying to take care to pack it into a cooler bag with an ice pack between housing situations, but this mini fridge — which plugs into a 12-volt outlet — is just more convenient.

Click here to order this Mini Fridge!

Car Trash Can

Gotta keep those straw wrappers and napkins from winding up under the seat, right?

There are lots of car trash cans out there, but I find this bin to fit my needs the best. It has snaps that hold trash bags in place, and make it easy for me to change the bag when I stop for gas. I got a roll of these 2-gallon trash bags that fit perfectly.

Click here to buy this Car Trash Bin!

Car Cup Holder Expander

Sure, car cup holders are standard in just about every vehicle now, but many of them don’t fit the emotional support water bottles we carry everywhere.

Enter this car cup holder expander that fits my water bottle easily.

Click here to buy this Car Cup Holder Expander!

There’s my short list of things I use to make my car more convenient on my many road trips. Truthfully, I wish I would have found SO many of these things before I even hit the road full-time.

I Travel Full Time. Here Are 8 Surprising Things I Carry With Me.

Stay tuned to DFB for more travel news!

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