How Spirit Airlines’ Seats Are CHANGING in 2023

Spirit Airlines has been in the news for a variety of reasons lately!

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From MAJOR discounts to their pending merger with JetBlue Airways, Spirit Airlines has a lot going on — and they offer many direct flights to Orlando at a low price, so they can be a great option for families on a budget. Now they’ve just revealed big plans to improve the seats on their planes!

Spirit Airlines announced that the airline will be debuting new aircraft seats that will be wider with extra cushion, along with “new, more comfortable features to continue enhancing the Guest experience.” These seats will be referred to as “Vector Light” and “Vector Premium” for Spirit’s Big Front Seats.

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This is not the first time Spirit has made updates and changes on its planes, having announced plans in 2018 to debut a new-look aircraft interior as well as add roomier seats and other updated details. They’re expecting to install these changes in late January 2023, and 33 new A320 aircraft will be delivered throughout 2023.

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Lania Rittenhouse, Vice President of Guest Experience, Brand, and Communications for Spirit Airlines, said, “Our cabin refresh in 2019 was a significant enhancement in the Guest experience, and these new seats are another great step forward in increasing value for our Guests.” These changes will include the following:

  • Each seat will gain an extra half-inch of width. Middle seats will be an inch wider than the window and aisle seats.
  • The seats will continue to feature “innovative curved seatback designs [that] unlock space at the knee level,” which adds about two more inches of knee space in comparison with flatback seats on legacy airlines.
  • All seats will have increased cushioning and new headrests, with Big Front Seats receiving some additional changes.
  • There will be an environmental benefit due to the weight of the Vector Light seat, which will decrease by about 11 ounces. This will reduce fuel burn.

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Big Front Seats are the larger, pricier seats that you can opt to book on a Spirit flight, and Spirit’s announcement noted that Big Front Seats will add even more cushion and almost an inch in pre-recline as well as a wider seatback and easier-to-reach tray tables.

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Spirit has outlined the planned changes below, and you can click on the image to make it larger.

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American Airlines also recently announced plans for updating their First Class seats, so who knows?? Maybe we’ll see more seat adjustments on other airlines soon. If you’re planning on booking a flight soon, we have lots of resources to help you plan your best trip! Click on the links below:

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