Hello Kitty Store at Universal Studios Florida Being Slowly Rethemed

The Hello Kitty theming of the Hello Kitty store at Universal Studios Florida is being dismantled, with plans to remove Hello Kitty from the location entirely.

HelloKittyStoreThemingRemovalUSF 3 scaled

We noticed construction inside the store during our recent Halloween Horror Nights visit.

hello kitty store destruction 4729
hello kitty store destruction 4741

Crew members were working quickly to knock out sections of the themed walls.

HelloKittyStoreThemingRemovalUSF 1 scaled

This was previously a large Hello Kitty-shaped cutout that guests could walk through.

hello kitty store destruction 4742

The cutout was completely destroyed.

hello kitty store destruction 4746

Crew members were cleaning up the wall to create a basic square archway.

hello kitty store destruction 4749
HelloKittyStoreThemingRemovalUSF 6 scaled

We could see construction through this window, too, past the rainbow archway.

HelloKittyStoreThemingRemovalUSF 5 scaled

The cutout had pink wall around it on one side and a blue sky wall around it on the other side.

hello kitty store destruction 4819

By the end of the night, the exposed steel of the wall had been covered up.

hello kitty store destruction 4820

The reconstructed sections of the wall were just white when we left.

hello kitty store destruction 4823

Below, you can see part of the cutout arch with the pink wall around it.

Hello kitty popcorn bucket 2 scaled

And here is a better view from the other side, with the blue sky wall around it:

hello kitty store cutout arch
hello kitty store destruction 4754

As we’ve noted recently, the Hello Kitty store has progressively had less Hello Kitty merchandise and more generic/retro Universal merch.

hello kitty store destruction 4755

“Back to the Future,” “Jaws,” and “E.T.” merch is mixed in with Universal-themed Hello Kitty plush.

hello kitty store destruction 4757

There is still plenty of actual Hello Kitty merchandise inside.

hello kitty store destruction 4756

And there’s still a lot of Hello Kitty theming, including the rainbow arch, patterned walls, and giant Hello Kitty figures in the windows.

hello kitty store destruction 4758
hello kitty store destruction 4759

According to Team Members, no more Hello Kitty product has been ordered, and the store will transition over the course of the next two months.

hello kitty store rainbow arch

Check out our full tour of the Hello Kitty store from summer 2020:

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