Grinchmas and Holiday Decorations Appear at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

While Universal Studios Florida is still in the height of Halloween Horror Nights, Universal’s Islands of Adventures have begun to deck the halls with holiday decor.

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Garland lines the canopy of the front entrance to the park.

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A large wreath with blue and gold ornaments hangs above the Defotos Expedition Photography store. A few pieces of garland with the same color ornaments and stars wrap the tower and line the doorway.

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Inside, garlands with different styled gold ornaments have been hung around the shop.

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The holiday decorations stop right before the candy shoppe.

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Port of Entry has a few strands of garland around the outlines of shops and buildings, as well as around lampposts.

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Inside the Islands of Adventure Trading Company, holiday decor spreads throughout the entire shop, except for The Wizarding World section.

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A few wreaths were placed on windows.

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Small bronze Christmas trees line the top shelves.

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Large Christmas trees have been erected next to some merchandise stands.

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The large ship’s wheel now has a wreath over it.

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Garland with large gold, bronze, and copper baubles flows throughout the entirety of the shop.

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Over in Seuss Landing, it looks like The Whos have been decorating.

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The If I Ran A Zoo play area has a few pieces of garland with purple and green ornaments.

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Even a few reindeer have joined the festivities.

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We are speculating that this walkway is under refurbishment for the return of The Grinchmas Who-liday Spectacular, which begins on November 12.

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The Grinch also joined the early celebrations by decorating the Mulberry Street Store.

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