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Castaway Cay

How about a Disney cruise?! They can combine the magic of a trip to the parks, plus the added bonus of sailing to different destinations and exploring other places. Disney cruises even offer some adult-only experiences like spa treatments and special dining options. We got to check out one of these special experiences on our recent cruise, so come with us to explore PINK on the Disney Dream!


Pink is touted as a Champagne bar, and because of that — kiddos aren’t allowed! But, you’ll find more than just Champagne here, as they also serve cocktails, mocktails, coffee, tea, and a few other spirits and liqueurs as well. You’ll find plenty of reminders that you’re in a bar, from the bubble accents of the walls to the bottles behind the bar.


Since Pink is a bar on the Disney Dream, the drinks you’ll get here will come at an additional cost — but it might just be worth it. Gold and pink accents are everywhere you look, and cushy velvet chairs line the wall opposite pink benches. The space isn’t huge, but is large enough to seat several people…

Swanky bar

…and host live music and other performances as well! You’ll definitely feel the swanky vibes of an adults-only bar. We were invited to take part in the Chocolate and Liqueurs Tasting, so after looking around we checked in and found our table.

Additional seating

The Chocolate and Liqueur Tasting is an additional cost and takes guests through four courses with different alcohol and food pairings. But, should you shell out for it on your cruise? Let’s find out!

Eats & Drinks

We kicked things off with our First Course, which consisted of a red wine — a 2020 Chappellet Mountain Cuvee Proprietor’s Blend. This was extremely full-bodied and almost heavy without being overly dry. It was still smooth and went down easy — a perfect choice to start a four-course tasting.

Chappellet 2020 Mountain Cuvee Proprietor’s Blend

It was paired with three different pieces of chocolate: dark, caramel, and white. Each piece of chocolate was delicious on its own, but when you bit into each piece and then tasted the wine again you could really taste each individual chocolate note in the wine.

The sweetness of the chocolates added a sweetness to the wine that made it go down even more smoothly if that’s possible. We’d describe this course as being mild in flavor, but still excellent nonetheless and a great way to start the tasting.

First course chocolate pairing

Our Second Course began with the Quinta do Noval 10-Year Tawny Port Wine. Port wines are known for being on the sweeter side, and this was no exception — it was incredibly sweet. It was a pretty stark contrast from the drier red wine we had in the first course. It definitely had that syrupy thickness that’s often found in dessert wine.

Quinta do Noval 10-Year Tawny Port Wine

But, when paired with a sharp, aged, parmesan cheese like it was? We could drink this all day (but we don’t suggest doing that)! First of all, this cheese was delicious by itself — perfectly nutty, salty, and buttery with a hint of that funk you get with parm. It helped to cut down on the sweetness of the port wine and made us appreciate the flavors more.

Paired with aged Parmesan cheese

Course Three started with a pour of Grand Marnier, which is a Cognac and bitter orange liqueur. It’s definitely an acquired taste when had by itself, as it has both the burn of Cognac and a super heavy orange flavor.

Grand Marnier

But, it was served with a chocolate pairing as well, and the Cast Member leading the tasting suggested we save a piece of cheese from Course Two to have with this one as well.

Chocolate pairing

And by “have with this one” he meant to literally mix all three togetherthe Grand Marnier, the chocolate, AND the parmesan cheese. Sound a little strange? Hear us out — you know the scene in Ratatouille where Remy is eating berries and cheese and you can see the flavor explosions he’s experiencing happen around him? Yeah, it was like that.

Don’t knock it till you try it!

And the final course, Course Four, was the most hardcore of them all — Macallan Enigma Single Malt Scotch Whisky. This was pretty aggressive, especially if you’re not a big whisky drinker (or at the very least don’t drink it straight!) and we found ourselves reaching for the chocolate it was paired with just a little more quickly than the other courses. After a few sips, though, the sting began to mellow out and we were able to taste a pretty smooth Scotch.

Macallan Enigma Single Malt Scotch Whisky

It was easy to tell that this chocolate pairing was really high quality — we loved the little shot glass and chocolate straw, too. When sipping the chocolate and then the whisky, it was easy to appreciate the flavors of the Scotch more.

Chocolate pairing

Here you can see each of the different drinks we tried: red wine, port wine, Grand Marnier, and Macallan Enigma.

The drinks we had

Four courses, but a ton of knowledge gained. This was a really interesting experience — but should you check it out on your next Disney Dream cruise?

Nosh or Not

You should check Pink out if…

  • You’re looking for an adults-only bar on the Disney Dream.
  • You’re a fan of Champagne bars.
  • You’re interested in an upgraded experience and something different (like a tasting!).

You should skip Pink if…

  • You don’t love the swanky hotel bar vibe.
  • You’re not a big drinker.
  • You don’t want to pay for anything additional on your cruise.


We REALLY enjoyed this tasting! We felt like we learned quite a bit, and the Cast Members leading the tasting were super knowledgeable and friendly. Whether you’re a connoisseur or know nothing about liqueurs, you might enjoy this experience either way as it was interesting the whole way through. If you’re looking for a unique bar and experience on the Disney Dream — Pink might be it!

Everything from our tasting

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