Disney Food Review: Columbia Harbour House Doom Burger

Hello friends, I have finally tried the burger that I’ve been avoiding, The Doom Burger. Columbia Harbour House is cute, but if you aren’t a fan of fish smells then don’t eat here. This place is head to toe covered in fish smell. Now, as a kid, I loved this place because the macaroni and cheese was good. This dining location still feels very nostalgic but I don’t think I like the food anymore. Anyway, enough history; let’s dig into this burger.

The Doom Burger is a plant-based crab cake sandwich topped with red onion and cabbage slaw served with French fries. The twist is that the bun is black to resemble the doom buggies in the Haunted Mansion. The bun threw me off. Listen, I love onions but this burger had too much onion – it was so overpowering. The Doom Burger also crumbled and fell apart so easily. It was a very messy dish.

I really wanted this “crab cake” to be good because I love them and I’ve had decent plant-based ones before. I wish they use real crab cake but I understand that this is an inclusive dish to make sure that those who eat a plant-based diet have options. With my dairy allergy, this was an okay option but not the best at Magic Kingdom. You won’t find me seeking this out again. The Doom Burger costs $13.49, definitely not worth it, in my opinion.

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