Disney Changes Film Schedule Release Dates; Some Reshuffled, Some Canceled

There has been another shakeup in the house of Disney, specifically in the entertainment schedule. Earlier this week, the company made significant changes to the film release lineup, delaying some by several months and canceling others altogether.

Here are all the details we have so far.

  • Blade was originally due 11/3/23, now 9/6/24
  • Untitled Deadpool 3 was originally due 9/6/24, now 11/8/24
  • Fantastic Four was originally due 11/8/24, now 2/14/25
  • Untitled Marvel Movie, originally due 2/14/25, now 11/7/25
  • Avengers: Secret Wars was originally due 11/7/25, now 5/1/26
  • Untitled Marvel Movie, originally due 5/1/26, has now been removed from the schedule.

While no specific reasons have been given for the reshuffling, there have been rumors of creative challenges arising for certain films, one of which is the departure of Blade director Bassam Tariq due to scheduling conflicts.