Construction Photo Update: CommuniCore Hall is Moving Along at EPCOT

We are back with another construction update! Today we are at EPCOT taking a look at the progress CommuniCore Hall has made. This area is starting to look less like a pit of dirt and more like a building that will open in late 2023.

As we’ve previously reported, CommuniCore Hall will be a multi-purpose building and will be home to the festival stage. Guests will also be able to find meet and greets, a demonstration kitchen, and a mixology bar. The new location will also serve as a festival support center. The building is nowhere near complete, but it is so exciting to see this much progress being made. Let’s take a look at the pictures I got while taking a ride on the EPCOT monorail, the best monorail in my opinion.

New Construction Photos

Now, I know this may not look like much, but it’s exciting. Seeing this area continuously progress makes me happy for what this will become one day. I can’t wait to finally stand in this space and see what it ends up looking like.

Do you think this area will end up looking like the concept art or do you think budget cuts will get in the way of that? Let us know what you think in the comments.