Come Try 4 NEW Menu Items at the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Lounge in Disney World With Us!

WOW it’s been a wild Disney news day!

Disney’s Grand Floridian lobby

Disney World just announced a bunch of price increases for things like dining, water and soda, private photo sessions, and lightsabers/droids in Galaxy’s Edge. On top of that, Disney also announced that several new menu items would be coming to certain restaurants at the Disney World hotels and we hopped over to check them out! Let’s go to Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort!

The Enchanted Rose Lounge is a Beauty and the Beast inspired lounge with elegant drinks and eats. Today, though, Disney added some new menu items we just had to check out!

The Enchanted Rose

No, we did not try the $115 caviar dish that was added to the menu (yes, really), but we did try the Smoked Trout and Crab Dip for $16. The dip is made with salmon roe, chive oil, and sesame seed lavosh — but how does it taste?

Smoked Trout and Crab Dip

Okay y’all — this is a must-try for seafood lovers. The dip is super smooth and is packed with flavor! We love the olive oil in there that enhances the flavor. Our reporter said staring at the salmon roe for too long can be a little off-putting, but the flavor of it is so so good. The sesame seed lavosh is a great vessel for the dip — it’s thin but held strong when we took a big scoop of the dip. We also want to note that the smoky flavor is lovely and really makes this dip stand out!

A closer look

Next up is the new Charcuterie made with duck rillettes, bresaola, Serrano ham, sopressata, tomato jam, cornichons, citrus mustard, pickled carrots, olive crostini, and grissini. It costs $22 for the board.


If we could, we would DRINK the citrus mustard. It has a serious kick to it and was really smooth — however, you do need to like mustard to enjoy this part of the board. The olive crostini was a great part of the board — it was light and airy with a nice crunch on it! The bresaola (the darker meat in the picture) was interesting. It was very easy to bite through but had an aggressive meatiness and earthy spice to it. The sopressata had a really nice peppery flavor and was a bit on the chewy texture side. The pickled carrots were also interesting — they were super crunchy and sweet with a touch of vinegar flavor.

New Charcuterie

The grisini (the thin breadsticks) were good and super crunchy. The tomato jam is sort of like if a tomato bisque was a cold sauce — it also had a little bit of sweetness! The Serrano ham has a really meaty taste to it. It’s a little salty but was really nice with the tomato jam. The duck rillettes were not super flavorful except for the intense duck flavor. Rillettes use a lot of duck fat so it was very fatty. The chives on top were a nice touch. We wish there were a few more cornichons on the board because we liked them so much!

New Charcuterie

For a lighter snack, we tried the Hummus with tapenade, smoked paprika, and grilled pita bread for $12. We really wanted to like this one…but it was not our favorite.


To put it plainly, this hummus is kind of boring (especially following that trout and crab dip). It tastes like fancy hummus but there is not a lot of flavor there. We thought it was interesting that they topped the hummus with chickpeas because it was like a chickpeas on chickpeas situation, but the ones on top were baked which gave them a nice crunch! The tapenade was not overly olive-y (try saying that 5 times fast), so if you aren’t a huge fan of olives, you probably won’t mind this. The pita was delish and again, the perfect vessel for the dip.

Not worth it in our opinion

And last but not least, we tried the new Artisanal Cheese Selection for $19! This includes four chef-selected tasting portions, honeycomb, quince paste, apricot jam, pumpkin seed brittle, and cranberry bread. Each cheese is paired with another ingredient and there are 4 total. We’ve tried the cheese selection before, but now the chefs have changed what is a part of it!

Artisanal Cheese Selection

Alright buckle up for some cheese notes! Our reporter loves bleu cheese, but said that this was an aggressive bleu cheese. The flavor smacks you in the face, so make sure you like bleu before trying that one. We paired it with the honeycomb and loved the combo! The Thomasville Tom is a very mild cheese and got pretty overwhelmed by the apricot on top. The goat valente is a pretty pungent goat cheese, but it was super soft and was amazing with that pumpkin brittle — this was our favorite! The gouda is SO sharp so you’ll need to like sharp cheese to like this one. It was hard to cut through since it is dry and it was a great pair with the quince paste (which tastes like peach).


Here’s a look at the previous cheese board. We loved it before but we have to say this is a major upgrade from the old version.

Artisanal Cheese Plate

If you want to see some of the other new food we tried in Disney World today, check out our review of Roaring Fork breakfast and lunch over at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge! There are a bunch of new meals and adorable treats over there now.

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