5 Abandoned and Creepy Parts of Disney World

It’s no secret that Disney World has gone through quite a few changes since it first opened in 1971. 

Magic Kingdom

From additional parks and attractions to new restaurants and hotels, Disney is constantly coming up with ways to bring new experiences to guests. But, sometimes these changes mean that a previously popular area of the parks has been left to feel all but abandoned or downright creepy. In fact, you might even walk right past some of these spots without even realizing it. Next time you’re walking around Disney World, keep an eye out for these abandoned and creepy spots! 

Now, you might have heard about actual abandoned locations around Disney World like River Country or Discovery Island (no, not the one in Animal Kingdom!), but what about those seemingly abandoned spots you walk past all the time? Let’s check out some places around Disney World property that are pretty creepy and all but abandoned.

Main Street U.S.A. Train Station

Pixar Place

Pixar Place is an area of Disney’s Hollywood Studios that was once home to actual soundstages used for productions, and it was made to resemble the actual Pixar Animation Studios in California (before Toy Story Land was built in the park, this is where Toy Story Mania was located!).


But, once Toy Story Land opened, Disney had to figure out something to do with this area, so it was “taken over” by The Incredibles and rethemed to Municiberg. Here, guests could occasionally find character meet and greets and photo ops.

Pixar Place closed

But in recent years, Pixar Place is often totally closed off to guests by a large gate and is usually only open when park capacity calls for it. You can still find Num Num Cookies at the Market when Pixar Place is closed (which is pretty much all the time)!

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Animation Courtyard

Welcome to Animation Courtyard, the large and open space home to attractions dedicated to Disney animation…and Star Wars, apparently. Voyage of the Little Mermaid is found in this area, and still has not reopened since the park closures.

Hollywood Studios Animation Courtyard

You’ll also find the Disney Junior Dance Party, Star Wars Launch Bay, and Walt Disney Presents in this area, which essentially means there are a whole lot of characters back here but not much else. Before the return of character meet and greets at Launch Bay, this spot often felt empty and still just has a weird vibe.

Star Wars Launch Bay

Aside from the Star Wars meet and greets though, Animation Courtyard doesn’t have a whole lot going for it. At least, no E-ticket level attractions can be found here, which can make it feel abandoned.

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DinoLand U.S.A.

This is one spot on the list that was actually designed to look abandoned! DinoLand U.S.A. in Animal Kingdom was made to look like a rundown roadside carnival, and for the most part it does. But, it may have worked just a little too well as it’s rarely busy and just seems out of place. 

DinoLand U.S.A.

We wouldn’t recommend hanging out in DinoLand when it gets too late or too empty, as we’ve experienced some seriously creepy truck-stop vibes from this area. But, if you love a good creepy vibe, maybe you should check it out!


Even Disney may agree, as they announced a potential retheme for this entire land at the 2022 D23 Expo. A new Moana or Zootopia land would probably feel much less rundown and abandoned than DinoLand U.S.A..

Check Out the Concept Art for the Potential DinoLand Retheme

Aunt Polly’s & Tom Sawyer Island

Did you know there’s a quick service restaurant in the middle of Magic Kingdom that most people don’t know about? Yep! Aunt Polly’s on Tom Sawyer Island is open only on the busiest of Disney World days and you can find things like sandwiches and chips on the menu.

Aunt Polly’s

You might have even walked right past it on your way to explore the fort and caves on Tom Sawyer Island without realizing it! Speaking of Tom Sawyer Island, those caves can be super eerie if there aren’t many people down there.

Tom Sawyer Island cave

We’ve found the Island to be emptiest closest to closing, which usually happens before sundown since it’s only accessible by boat. Next time you’re down there, you might only hear your own voice echoing in the caves!

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Walking Paths

There are also a few different walking paths on Disney World property that can be super creepy at night or when no one is around. The path from Saratoga Springs to Disney Springs closes at night because Disney doesn’t want guests walking on it, and the Saratoga Springs path to Old Key West can be dark and isn’t much better.

Walking path from Saratoga Springs to Disney Springs

We’ve also felt one too many weird vibes when walking on the path that connects Hollywood Studios to EPCOT, but keep in mind that we haven’t experienced anything actually dangerous on any of these paths before!

Walking around Disney World is one of our favorite things to do

While none of these spots are technically abandoned, many of them are often pretty much empty or not very well populated. In some cases, Disney chooses to keep them closed altogether. If you find yourself around any of these spots, keep your eyes peeled for anything creepy or strange!

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