Why You’ll Go Out of Your Way To Try This New Cupcake in Disney World

We’re digging into some new treats around Disney World!

Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month is from September 15th through October 15th, and Disney is celebrating with a lot of tasty snacks and treats around the parks and hotels. So, without further delay, let’s head over to The Market at Ale & Compass, because magic awaits us!

Over at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, you can grab the Encanto Mariposa Cupcake at The Market at Ale & Compass.

Encanto Mariposa Cupcake

This treat is a vanilla cupcake with guava mousse, buttercream, and golden mariposa fondant decor (“mariposa” means butterfly in Spanish). It’s themed after Disney’s Encanto, as that movie has several references to butterflies throughout the story. The colors of the buttercream on top of the cupcake even match Mirabel’s dress!

Mariposa Cupcake

First of all, we thought this cupcake was gorgeous! The bright colors, crispy pearl and butterfly decorations, and colorful sugar sprinkles on the edges make it a gift for your social media feed.

So pretty.

But how does it taste? Luckily, the cupcake delivered on that front as well. The cake itself was very fluffy (if a smidge too dry), and the guava flavor in the mousse was pretty strong. That guava mousse balanced out the sugary buttercream very nicely.

It’s definitely sweet

The buttercream was definitely very sweet, so if you don’t like sugary treats then this won’t be for you. But we think that most kids will really enjoy this one, especially if they’re big Encanto fans.

If you’re looking for lighter flavors and still want a good-sized treat, this is a great option!

Guava Mousse

If this cupcake sounds good to you, it’s available now through October 15th — you can grab your own for $6.29. Disney’s Yacht Club Resort might be a little bit out of your way if you’re not staying at that hotel, but it’s just a short walk from EPCOT’s International Gateway entrance, so if you’re visiting EPCOT then it won’t be hard to get there.

We’ll continue to check out the treats being offered during this celebration, so follow along as we bring you more reviews. And for other seasonal snacks, take a look at the MORE limited-time treats you can grab right now for Halloween!

The Market at Ale & Compass

There are SO many great snacks at Disney World. How do you choose (we don’t want to choose but will blow our budget on Day 1 otherwise)? We’ve got you covered! We have reviewed nearly EVERY snack available at Disney World, and we’ve written a series of DFB Guides about them! Check out our DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining + Snacks Bundle for all the details you need to plan your snackin’ and spending. You can even download them to your smartphone – it’ll be like we’re right there with you in the parks! Use code WDW2022 to get 25% off!

DFB Guide on a smartphone

And, as always, stay tuned to DFB for the latest Disney news.

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