What’s New at Disneyland Resort: Lots of…Disney World Merchandise?

We are still processing all of the news that came out of the D23 Expo about Disneyland.

Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle

We enjoyed seeing more concept art of what the reimagined ToonTown is going to look like, we learned that a new Princess and the Frog store will be opening soon, and we can’t WAIT to see more about the new attraction coming to Avengers Campus. In the meantime, though, there’s still a lot of new stuff happening around Disneyland every day, so let’s get to the updates!

Disneyland Food Updates

Popcorn Carts

At various popcorn carts around the park, you can find the PRIDE Mickey Premium Balloon Popcorn Bucket for $18.25 — and it is BEAUTIFUL.

Here it is!

Be sure to grab it quickly because we bet it’s going to sell out fast!

See More Photos of this Popcorn Bucket

Disneyland Merchandise Updates

Eudora’s Chic Boutique featuring Tiana’s Gourmet Secrets

Yep! That’s the name of the new Tiana-themed store in Disneyland (Eudora is Tiana’s mother). When we visited Disneyland recently, we noticed the store’s sign was ALREADY UP on its building in New Orleans Square. How exciting!

It’s There!

The store is set to open on September 20th, and you know we’ll be there to check it out!

See More Photos of Eudora’s Chic Boutique Here!


The fabulous Light-Up Mickey Jack-‘o-Lantern is back in stock for $64.99 — we also saw it at Plaza Point, China Closet, and Disney Showcase.


You can also get a Fall Mystery Pin Collection for $24.99

Fall Pins!

…and a Marie Mug for $19.99.


As always, there are a TON of new items in the Emporium. There’s a Mickey and Minnie Button-Up Long Sleeve Shirt for $64.99

New Mickey and Minnie Button-Up

…a Mickey and Minnie Sweatshirt for $54.99

The perfect couple

…a Mickey and Minnie Dress for $69.99…

AND a dress!

…a Carrousel Loungefly Bag for $80

So pretty

…a Loungefly Teacup Bag for $80

Carry your stuff in the teacups

…a Spooky Droid Kids Shirt for $19.99


…a Mickey Pumpkin Hat for $34.99

Wear a Mickey pumpkin on your head

EuroDisney Ears for $29.99

THAT’S a throwback!

…and a Castles of Disney Hat.

The castles!

The hat is $29.99.

Here’s How A Popular After-Hours Event in Disneyland Will Be More Expensive in 2023

Candy Palace

Those ADORABLE 15-inch Munchlings have arrived for $34.99! There’s Stitch as a Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

Anyone craving a Dole Whip?

Pooh as a Honey Cake

Honey Cake?

Minnie as a Strawberry Cupcake

Minnie IS a cupcake

…and Mickey as a Cinnamon Bun!

A cinnamon roll to be protected at all costs

There are also some Mystery Packs available including Baked Treats

Baked treats

Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats

…and Frozen Treats. These are so cute that it doesn’t even matter which one you get, right?

Frozen Treats

The mystery packs are $16.99 each.

See More Photos of Disney’s Munchlings!

China Closet

There’s a Hercules Keychain Set for $19.99

Herc keychains

…a Hercules Tray for $49.99


…and a Marie Napkin Set for $49.99

Pretty napkins

…a Teacups Bowl for $29.99

Teacups Bowl

…a Dumbo Trinket Tray for $24.99

For your trinkets

…a Dumbo Succulent for $24.99

Sweet Dumbo

…a Carousel Snow Globe for $39.99

Pretty snow globe

…a Dumbo Trinket Box for $19.99

Great for jewelry!

…a Dumbo Mug for $24.99

Dumbo mug

Dumbo Salt and Pepper Shakers for $24.99

These would look sweet on your table

…a Teacups Serving Tray for $39.99

We’re all mad here

…a Teacups Travel Mug for $27.99

Alice in Wonderland teacups mug

…a Mad Hatter Teacups Mug for $24.99

Mad as a hatter

…a March Hare Teapot for $39.99

Need a teapot?

…a Marie Vase for $39.99

She’s so sassy

…an Aristocats Cream and Sugar Bowl Set for $39.99

For your cream and sugar

…an Aristocats Lantern for $39.99

So pretty

…an Aristocats Blanket for $59.99

The Aristocats can keep you warm

…and an Aristocats Mini Container Set!

Great for storing things like jewelry!

The container set is $34.99.

Here’s A First Look at 4 NEW Disney Merchandise Collaborations

Disney Clothiers

This Princesses Shirt for Kids is so CUTE! It’s $19.99.

A BFF Kinda’ Thing

We are in love with the new Disneyland Sign Ears for $29.99.

Love the retro design

How about some new outfits? We’ve got Goofy Sweats for $49.99


Cheshire Cat Sweats for $39.99

That grin…

…a Villains Shirt for $36.99

All about the villains

Cheshire Cat Underwear for $19.99

Yep, he’s on underwear

Max and Goofy Lounge Shorts for $36.99

These look comfy!

Animal Lounge Shorts for $36.99


…a Disney Castles Shirt for $36.99

The castles!

…a Mickey Sweater for $59.99

The Big Cheese

…a Donald Sweater for $69.99

Donald being…Donald

…a Daisy Sweater for $69.99

Sweet Daisy

…and a Minnie Sweater!

Rockin’ the dots

The Minnie Sweater is also $69.99.

Dance With Skeletons and Carry Your Head With Disney’s Halloween Magic Shots

Disney Showcase

We found a Mike Wazowski Headband

Love that one-eyed monster!

…a Sulley Headband


…and an Ursula Mug!

A lovely mess

The mug is $14.99.

Where to Find 3 Halloween Souvenirs for LESS than $8 Each at Disneyland Resort

Mad Hatter

The Rose Gold Confetti Ears are here!

They’re in Disneyland!

Grab them for $29.99.

See More Photos of These Ears!

Little Green Men Store Command

There are some new cute Halloween Pumpkins Limited Edition Pins available, including one with Disney Cats


…one with Mochi as Stitch


…and one with Lucifer!


The pins are $19.99 each.

Here’s When runDisney Will Return to Disneyland

Star Trader

There’s a new Star Wars Hoodie for $74.99

New hoodie

…a Star Wars Hat for $39.99

New hat

… a Star Wars Oversized Shirt for $44.99

Comfy shirt

… a One With The Force Shirt for $44.99…

One with the Force

…a Star Wars Windbreaker Jacket for $74.99…

Great for rainy days

…a Grogu Chew Toy for $19.99

A Grogu chew toy!

…a Light-Up Tron Hat for $34.99

It lights up!

…a Star Wars Bag for $49.99

For carrying your stuff

…an Andor Tee for $36.99


…an Andor Crossbody Bag for $44.99

Be a rebel

…an Andor Tumbler for $24.99

Andor tumbler

…a Rebel Pennant Sweatshirt for $49.99


Rebel Pennant Sweatpants for $49.99

Matching sweatpants

…a Grogu Shirt for $19.99

Don’t play with your food

… a Strong With The Force Pet Spirit Jersey for $39.99

Grogu spirit jersey for your pet

…a Grogu Cat Toy for $17.99

For your cat!

…a Grogu Shoulder Plush for $24.99

Carry Grogu on your shoulder

Kids Star Wars Sweatpants for $34.99

For kids

…a Spider-Man Hoodie for $79.99

Spidey shirt

…a Spider-Man Beyond Amazing Notebook for $19.99


Spider-Man Beyond Amazing Lounge Pants for $49.99

Super comfy pants

…a Spider-Man Beyond Amazing Backpack for $59.99

Great for school!

…a Spider-Man Beyond Amazing Crossbody Bag for $29.99

And a crossbody bag

…a Spider-Man Beyond Amazing Short-Sleeve Hoodie for $36.99

BEYOND Amazing

…a Spider-Man Beyond Amazing Long-Sleeve Shirt for $39.99

Long-sleeve shirt

…and Spider-Man Beyond Amazing Sweatpants.

Lounge with Spidey

The sweatpants are $44.99.

Here Are the TWO New Nighttime Spectaculars Announced For Disneyland Resort!

Merlin’s Marvelous Miscellany

We also spotted this Alice Cardholder Wallet for $16.99

Alice Cardholder

…and the Castles of Disney Corkcicle!

Disney Castle Corkcicle

The Corkcicle is $54.99.

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Black Spire Outfitters

There’s a new Star Wars Tumbler for 29.99

New tumbler

…and a Star Wars Coaster Set.


The coaster set is $24.99.

Magic Happens Parade Returning to Disneyland Resort — Here’s More!

Pooh Corner

We found a new Abu Big Feet Plush for $29.99

It’s Abu

…and a Chip ‘n’ Dale Plush for $34.99.

Our two favorite chipmunks

The Baymax S’more Munchlings Plush is here!

TOO cute

This plush is $34.99.

Here’s The Name of the Reimagined Paradise Pier Hotel at Disneyland Resort

Pieces of Eight

A new Pirates of the Caribbean Shirt has appeared!

The best scene!

The shirt is $29.99.

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Port Royal

Check out this Nightmare Before Christmas 13 Days of Christmas Book for $12.99.

Fun Christmas book!

The Haunted Mansion LEGO Set is in stock here!

It’s available!

The set is $39.99.

Learn More About The ‘Big Hero 6’ Land Coming to Disney California Adventure

Pioneer Mercantile

Let your conscience be your guide with the Jiminy Cricket Shoulder Plush for $19.99.

Hello, Jiminy!

You can also get a Yellow Mickey Hat

Mickey in yellow

…and a Black Mickey Hat.

Mickey in black

Both hats are $29.99 each.

You Can Take a Workout Class INSIDE a Disney Theme Park — Get Details!

Adventureland Bazaar

Maui approves of this You’re Welcome Tank Top for $36.99.

You’re welcome!

The Vans Collection has arrived, even though it’s kinda’ lost because this stuff is all dedicated to Disney World. There’s a Mickey and Minnie Paintbrush Hoodie for $69.99

Graffiti art

…a Disney World Bucket Hat for $39.99

Disney World hat

…a Disney World Hat for $34.99

Disney World Hat

…a Mickey and Minnie Paintbrush Tee in Red for $36.99

Red tee

…a Disney World Shirt for $39.99

Walt Disney World is on the other coast

…a Mickey and Minnie Paintbrush Tee in White for $36.99

It is a cute design

…a Mickey Castle Tee in White for $29.99

With the castle!

…a Vacation Capital of the World Tee for $36.99

A Disney World shirt in Disneyland

…a Mickey Castle Hoodie for $69.99


…a Mickey Castle Hat for $34.99

Mickey and the castle again

Disney World Vans for $69.99

There are even shoes!

…and a Disney World Mickey Castle Tee In Navy for $36.99. Here’s the front:


Here’s the back!

Back of the tee

We also found a Magic Kingdom Tee for $36.99

Magic Kingdom!

…and a Disney World Black Hoodie.

Disney World Hoodie

The hoodie is $69.99.

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California Adventure Merchandise Updates

Five and Dime

Here, we found a Minnie Fanny Pack for $24.99

Rock the dots

…a Star Wars Wallet for $50

Star Wars!

…a Baymax Shirt for $36.99

Fun Baymax Print

…a Hercules Purse for $34.99

The Muses

…a Jasmine Sport Top for $36.99

Princess Jasmine

…an Oogie Boogie Bowl for $39.99

Well, well, well, what have we here?

Nightmare Before Christmas Rings for $24.99

Spooky rings

Jack Earrings for $19.99

The Pumpkin King

…and a Nightmare Before Christmas Bracelet.


The bracelet is $24.99.

Here’s What SOLD OUT Crowds Look Like at Oogie Boogie Bash in Disneyland Resort

Elysian Arcade

Here, we found a new Coco Mug for $14.99


Coco Bowls for $44.99…

Nesting bowl set

…an Aristocats Notebook for $9.99…


…an Aristocats Pet Bowl for $19.99

Bon appetit!

…an Aristocats Watercolor Set for $14.99

Watercolor paints

…an Aristocats Pet Toy for $24.99


…an Aristocats Pet Bed for $59.99…

Comfy bed

…a Grogu Pet Bed for $59.99

This is the way

…a Grogu Dog Collar for $17.99

For your dog

…a Grogu Cat Collar for $17.99

For your cat

…and Grogu Lead.

And a leash!

The lead is $17.99.

We HAVE to Talk About Bruno Now Because He Is AT Disneyland Resort — See A Video!

Knick’s Knacks

You can now get Mexican Cocoa Popcorn!

This sounds good

We also found a cool Alien Crochet Kit!

Crochet an alien!

The crochet kit is $19.99

‘Coco’ Villain Ernesto de la Cruz Makes His Debut at Oogie Boogie Bash at Disneyland Resort — See Video

Backlot Shop

There’s a Wakanda Onesie for $19.99


…a Wakanda Purse for $39.99

Love this purse!

…a Wakanda Scarf for $39.99…

So pretty

…and a pretty Wakanda Shirt!


The shirt is $54.99.

You Gotta’ See How EPIC the COSTUMES Are at Oogie Boogie Bash at Disneyland Resort

Ramone’s House of Body Art

We found a new Cars Land Cropped Hoodie for $54.99

New hoodie

…a Cars Land Drawstring Bag for $19.99

Cars Land bag

…and Cars Mini Racers!

Mini Racers!

The mini racers are $14.99 each.

We Just Found the Best New Breakfast in Disneyland — Check It Out!

Downtown Disney Merchandise Updates

World of Disney

We found a Groot nuiMOs Plush for $19.99

I am Groot

…a Star Wars Droids Shirt for $19.99…

Adventure Awaits

…a Dark Gray Disneyland Shirt for $36.99


…a Wakanda Blanket for $59.99…

Wakanda blanket

…a Haunted Mansion Chess Set for $99.99

Haunted Mansion Chess

…a Binx Plush for $22.99

Thackery Binx

…a Grogu Mug for $14.99

Choose Your Path

…an X-Men Hat for $49.99

Let’s go to Professor Xavier’s School

…a Coco Headband for $19.99


…a Stitch Mug for $19.99…


…a Hercules Blanket for $74.99

Hercules blanket

…and a Hercules Pouch.

Good for makeup!

The pouch is $24.99.

Get A FIRST LOOK at a MASSIVE HULK Coming to Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure

Dress Shop

We found a new Mickey and Minnie Shirt for $39.99…

The cutest couple

…a Mickey and Minnie Varsity Jacket for $89.99

We LOVE this jacket

…a Mickey Coach Mug for $35

Yep, there;s a Coach MUG

…a Striped Mickey Shirt for $36.99

Classic Mickey

…a Dooney & Bourke Coco Crossbody Bag for $168


…a Dooney & Bourke Coco Tote for $298…


…and a Dooney & Bourke Coco Wallet.


The wallet is $168.

See The Name Revealed For NEW DVC Tower Coming to Disneyland Hotel

Wonderground Gallery

We found a new Wonderland Postcard for $6.99


…and a Walt Disney World Plate Set.

These plates are lost?

The plate set is $55.

Check Out the NEW Dining Options Coming to Mickey’s Toontown in Disneyland

Star Wars Trading Post

For more Star Wars merch, check out the Star Wars Beanie!


The beanie is $29.99.

Here’s The BIG Reason Why Oogie Boogie Bash Succeeds at Disneyland Resort

Pin Traders

You want new pins? We’ve got a Rosh Hashanah Pin for $17.99

Mickey and Minnie

…a Fall Meeko Pin for $17.99

It’s Meeko!

…a Ducktales Pin for $17.99

Ducktales — wooooo!

…a Beyond Amazing Spiderman Pin for $17.99

Beyond Amazing Spider-Man

…a Goofy Floating Down Main Street Pin for $19.99

Goofy Float

…and an Our Transformation Story Mother Gothel Pin for $19.99.

Mother knows best

There are also new Transformation at Twilight Pins. There’s Stitch


Roxanne and Max

Roxanne and Max

…and Robin Hood.

Robin Hood

These are $19.99 each.

Here’s A FIRST Look at the NEW Villains at Oogie Boogie Bash in Disneyland Resort

Downtown Disney Other Updates

We did Pluto’s Pumpkin Pursuit and searched all over Disneyland for hidden pumpkins! When you’re done, you get a prize!

We got a prize!

Game cards and stickers can be purchased for $9.99. Be sure to check it out!

Everything you need to know about Pluto’s Pumpkin Pursuit this year!

As you can see, there’s a LOT going on in Disneyland right now. To keep up with everything, be sure to keep checking back with us here at DFB because we’ll do everything we can to keep you updated.

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