TRON and Moana Attraction Opening Timelines, a Happily Ever After Update, and More Disney News

To say that we have some BIG Disney news to share with you this week would probably be a bit of an understatement.


Thanks to the D23 Expo (which wrapped up recently) we have enough Disney news to truly blow your mind. From news about the return of the Happily Ever After anthem as part of an updated fireworks show to huge opening date information, movie news, and much more — we’ve got it ALL for you here. (And it’s a LOT.) So, without further ado, we present to you ALL of the biggest Disney announcements from the past week that you absolutely NEED to know about.

We’re going to go a bit rapid-fire through these because it’s a lot to get through but always know that you can click on our full posts linked to get more details on everything!

1 — TRON and Moana Attraction Opening Timelines

Disney has announced that the TRON ride in Magic Kingdom will be opening in the spring of 2023. There is still no set official opening date, but we’re on the lookout for details.

TRON Lightcycle Run Construction in September 2022

In other big opening news, Disney has announced that the Moana walk-through attraction coming to EPCOT will open in late 2023.

It has Moana’s symbol!

We’ve still got a ways to go before late 2023 arrives, but we’re seeing construction progress being actively made in the park so we’re looking forward to seeing more finalized pieces for this experience as things come along.

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2 — Happily Ever After + More Fireworks News

When it comes to fireworks, we have a feeling that Happily Ever After fans will be THRILLED to know that Happily Ever After will be coming BACK to Magic Kingdom in 2023 as part of an updated fireworks experience. Thus far, Disney has only noted that the “anthem” (a.k.a. the song) to Happily Ever After will be returning as part of an updated fireworks experience, so we’ll have to watch for more details about what that means exactly.

We 💙 fireworks!

Over at EPCOT, things are changing too. 2023 will bring a new nighttime show to EPCOT! 


Details haven’t really been shared about this new show but we’re interested to see how similar or different it will be to Harmonious.

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3 — KiteTails Is CLOSING

At Disney’s Animal Kingdom, something is CLOSING. Sorry, KiteTails fans, the time for this show is coming to an end.

Oh No!

Disney has announced that KiteTails — the show involving some huge Disney-themed kites — will have its last offering on September 30th, 2022. So you’ll want to catch this show before it’s gone!

Will another show replace it? What will happen with this space in the future? Only time will tell, but Disney hasn’t announced anything official just yet.

4 — Coco, Encanto, Moana, Zootopia, and Disney Villains-Themed Lands Could be Coming to Disney World

If you’re curious about what areas *could* come to the parks in the next few years, then the D23 Expo sure had some exciting news for you. During the Expo, some Disney executives discussed “Blue Sky” ideas being worked on that could lead to expansions in Magic Kingdom and a re-theming of one area in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Keep in mind these are “Blue Sky” ideas — meaning they are in the early stages of development. Disney has referred to them as “potential expansion opportunities,” “what if” ideas, and “early concept explorations.” So things might look VERY different a few years down the line. Still, it’s exciting to see what they’re working on!

A Lot More Could Be Coming to the Parks

What new areas could come to the parks, you ask? Well, at Magic Kingdom, Disney discussed the possibility of an expansion beyond Big Thunder Mountain Railroad that could feature areas themed to Coco, Encanto, and even the Disney villains!

A Look at the Bottom of the Concept Art

At Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney teased that DinoLand U.S.A. could be transformed into an area themed to Moana or even Zootopia!


We actually did a DEEP DIVE into these concept art pieces to point out details you may have totally missed.

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5 — So Much More Disney Parks News

But wait, there’s MORE. Here’s a brief rundown of some other big parks news that was shared recently:


There are a LOT of things coming to the parks in the next few years!

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6 — Statements from Bob Chapek

From the parks, we turn to Disney’s CEO — Bob Chapek. Recently, Chapek actually made some comments on the Park Pass system, annual passes, and price increases. Chapek noted that while Disney loves all of its fans equally, the Company is trying to strike a balance and make sure there’s enough room in the parks for those families who only travel there once every few years.

According to Chapek, Disney is working to balance the needs of superfans with those who travel across the country to come to the parks far less often. And, according to Chapek, Disney has a “real high-class problem: We have much more demand than there is supply.”

Bob Chapek

Chapek also recently made some statements about Disney+ and how they “underestimated the hungry beast” it would be and how much content would be needed for it to reach its full potential.

Now, however, Chapek noted that “production is back fully and we have a full understanding of what’s needed…we’re in a position to fully program theatrical exhibition, without having to steal content from one place or another, as well as our streaming services.”

Click here to see more about what Chapek had to say when it comes to balancing who comes into the Disney parks

7 — Disney Movie News

Finally, Disney also dropped some huge movie news during the D23 Expo, particularly on the animated front. Here’s a quick list of the info and the posts you should check out:


  • Pixar has announced a NEW movie — ELIO — this movie follows the story of a young boy who (through a unique series of events) comes in contact with aliens and must prove that the best part about being human is just being yourself ❤




‘The Little Mermaid’

We also got news about new shows coming to Disney+, Marvel movies and shows, Star Wars shows (like The Mandalorian), and much more.

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And that’s it for the big news this week. Looking for more Disney news? Check out the links below:

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