This New $10 Snack Could Be an Entire MEAL in Disney World!

Disney LOVES to keep us on our toes by coming up with new eats and treats in the parks.

Disney Springs

And we happen to LOVE trying them all — so it’s a win-win for everyone. Right now, the Disney parks are celebrating Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month and that means NEW foods for us to try. One Disney Springs spot is serving up a dish that truly has it all — and we’re bringing you with us to check it out!

Disney Springs is a GREAT place to enjoy shopping, entertainment, and of course — FOOD! We’re heading on over to the Daily Poutine located in the Town Center area of Disney Springs to try the NEW Poutine de Pastelón for $9.99.

Daily Poutine

The Daily Poutine primarily serves — you guessed it — poutine, and for Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month they’ve put a Latin twist on a classic. The Poutine de Pastelón is made with crispy fries, fried sweet plantain, sofrito ground beef, cheddar cheese, chives, garlic aïoli, and crispy plantain garnish. Sounds like a serious flavor explosion — but how does it taste?


We thought this snack was very tasty! The plantains mixed with all the savory ingredients is a unique flavor, but we really enjoyed it. If you don’t like sweet and savory mixed together, it might not be for you. (Before you ask — no, our fries weren’t burnt. Those darker pieces are the plantains!)

Poutine de Pastelon

The fries were not very crispy, but that made sense considering all the toppings piled onto them. We liked the garlic aïoli on top, and we thought there was a great balance of all the different ingredients.


A big bonus with this snack is the SIZE. It’s just $10, but it could easily be a good lunch for one person or a very shareable snack. With heavier ingredients like potatoes and beef, it’s pretty filling as well.

Lots of interesting flavors

So, should you make the trip to Disney Springs to check out the Poutine de Pastelón? If you’re feeling adventurous and like sweet and savory snacks, go for it! But if you just want a light bite or you don’t want to venture outside your comfort zone of flavors, you may want to go for a different option. There are plenty of other Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month snacks around Disney World, and we’ll be trying them all — so stay tuned to DFB for more.

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Which Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month foods are you looking forward to trying? Let us know in the comments!

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