There Could be a DeSantis vs. Disney Reedy Creek Solution in the “Near Future.”

It seems like we could be seeing a resolution of this Desantis vs. Disney Reedy Creek situation soon, hopefully.

A Florida lawmaker, Rep. Daniel Perez, R-Miami, told WPTV in West Palm Beach that specifics on what comes next for Disney’s special district will emerge soon.

“The one thing that I can tell the audience is that the conversations of Reedy Creek have always been there, and they’re still continuing today,” Perez told WPTV. “We’ll try to put a bow to that conversation in the near future … As for the timetable on that, it’s still uncertain. But the conversations have continued. There is some progress to be made, but we will definitely, I think, we’ll reach a solution sometime soon.”

Source: Orlando Business Jounral

Knowing that a solution could be made soon is progress that we have been waiting for and can mean that Disney may be in the clear, but who knows? No further comments were made by the representative. Executives with Disney, Reedy Creek, and DeSantis’ office were also not able to make any comments on this topic.

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