Signage Removed, Interior Gutted at Cool Wash in EPCOT

It seems that there’s a change in the road for Cool Wash at EPCOT, as a number of elements have been removed from the shady stop in World Discovery.

cool wash elements removed 4

Planters are in place in front of the stand, while the signage with its name is gone.

cool wash elements removed 5
cool wash elements removed 1

Above, you can see how it looked not too long ago.

cool wash elements removed 2

Peering though the trees, we can see most of the interior elements have been removed, including the tables and back counter, where Coca-Cola products and slushes were once sold. Additionally, the concrete floor has been ripped out, leaving nothing but exposed dirt.

cool wash elements removed 3

Though the changes seem drastic, it does seem that this is more likely a refurbishment than a complete demolition. Currently, Cool Wash is still listed on the Walt Disney World website, albeit as “Temporarily Unavailable.”

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