See What EXCLUSIVE Disney Collectibles Are Reselling for THOUSANDS of Dollars Online

The D23 Expo brought us a LOT of news, but if you managed to snag a particular set of Disney collectibles while there, you could be holding onto something that’s extremely valuable right now.

100 Years of Wonder

There were a number of things you could do and buy at the D23 Expo, but there were also some exclusive giveaways and exclusive items to buy, and that’s where the big money comes in.

At the D23 Expo, Disney debuted a NEW trading card game. Ravensburger and Disney actually collaborated to create Ravensburger’s first-ever collectible trading card game called Disney Lorcana.

In this game, you can check out Disney characters that appear in their familiar form as well as “spectacularly reimagined ‘glimmers’ created by magic ink.” The game officially gets released in the fall of 2023.

Those who visited the Ravensburger booth during the D23 Expo could learn more. But what’s even better is that D23 had shared that those who visited the booth could, while supplies lasted, “pick up the Disney LorcanaD23 exclusive collector’s set, containing the first six cards ever created” for the game. A.k.a. an EXCLUSIVE collectible. The set cost around $50 at the Expo.

These proved to be POPULAR and the Lorcana Twitter account was posting when they had sold out of Collector’s Sets on the days of the Expo, when they were closing the line for sales, etc. In fact, due to high demand, they set the purchase limit to 1 per person on Saturday and Sunday.


Note, however, that the Mickey — Brave Little Tailor promo card was available for free.

Eventually, they SOLD OUT of D23 Expo Collector’s Sets.

Now that the Expo has ended and no one is able to simply stop by the booth to pick up these exclusive cards anymore, they’ve become a true collector’s item with an eBay price to match. If you scroll through eBay, you’ll see a number of Lorcana cards being offered at some ridiculously high prices.


On the MOST expensive end, there’s a trading card set of 6 with the promo Mickey card and Lorcana pin, with the signatures of individuals reportedly involved in the creation of the game.

The price? A cool $35,000. 😮 It hasn’t sold yet from what we’ve seen.



The prices then drop significantly, with several sets following that priced at $5,000 (or best offer). Some options just feature the Collector’s Set with the 6 cards, while others come with the pin and/or the Brave Little Tailor card too.

And while you might look at the prices and think “no one is going to bid on that!” That’s simply not the case. One eBay entry that includes the Collector’s Set is going for $2,050 and it has a total of 35 bids!


Another had 17 bids and was up to $1,526 for a set with the 6 exclusive cards and it was also signed by some of the original creators at the D23 Expo.

Just want the Brave Little Tailor Card and D23 promo pin for the game? You might be able to score those for a little less. One entry had 12 bids and was up to $177.50 for that set.


The cheapest entries we saw were a press-exclusive pin for $60 (14 bids on that one already!) and a D23 Expo promo pin for $74.99 (or best offer). One of the lowest prices we saw for a Collector’s Set with the 6 cards was priced at $600. The next closest was at $1,000!


Anyone else getting Figment popcorn bucket flashbacks? 😆

Collectors went crazy over Figment!

Not willing to pay those expensive prices but still want to get cards similar to these? Lorcana made it a point to emphasize that ALL of the cards from the D23 Expo — including those in the D23 Expo Collector’s Set and the Mickey, The Brave Little Tailor promo card — will be available in the first set of Disney Lorcana (once released to the general public), but they won’t have the D23 mark or the special foil treatment.

Lorcana shared that this was their way of celebrating the Expo without putting future players at a disadvantage or preventing collectors from getting the cards themselves, albeit in a slightly different form.

If you want to learn more about the game and see more details about the booth that was at the Expo, check out the video below.

We’ll continue to keep an eye out for more updates on this situation and let you know what we see.

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