REVIEW: Dufftoberfest Begins at Universal Studios Hollywood With Limited-Time Beer

Dufftoberfest, a Simpsons version of Oktoberfest, has begun at Universal Studios Hollywood.

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The festival is at Duff Brewery, next to The Simpsons Ride.

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Dufftoberfest banners are up around the courtyard.

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There is a special Dufftoberfest beer available during the festival.

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There’s also a special Dufftoberfest stein available as a $3 add-on.

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The Dufftoberfest beer is a German-style Märzen. According to the sign, “Dufftoberfest is a heavily-malted beer in keeping with the Märzenstyle – its sweetness is nicely balanced with a hint of bitterness. The caramel and butterscotch flavors are distinct, and the smooth taste lasts well after the first sip.” Märzenbier originated in Bavaria.

German-Style Märzen – $16

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This sweet, heavily malted beer is a real winner. Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, there’s a long line. But at least when you get to the end of that line, and you receive the overpriced beer, it’s a good product.

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It may not be worth the price overall if you were out for an evening at a pub, but in a theme park, it’s better than we expected. It’s sweet, but not overly sweet in the grand scheme of Märzen beers, which is nice as it is more drinkable on a warm day.

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The main flavor is the malt: a deep, almost bready flavor that, when combined with the sweet character, becomes a light caramel flavor of baked dulce de leche bread.

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It’s a great, supremely drinkable beer that we would enjoy pint after pint, if not for the cost.

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