REVIEW: Cult of Chucky: Hospital Ward of Madness House at Universal Studios Japan’s Halloween Horror Nights 2022

The horrifying slaughter of the patients is about to begin again, as the cruel and ferocious dolls are here to attack, mutilate, and dismember the patients!

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For the third and final time, Cult of Chucky: Hospital Ward of Madness is back to terrify guests at Universal Studios Japan. First appearing in 2017 and returning in 2018, this terrifying house takes guests on a journey through Harrogate Hospital, where a doctor had previously used Good Guy dolls as a form of therapy for patients. But the spirit of Chucky has possessed each and every one of the dolls, wreaking havoc across the hospital and leading to your doom.


Spoilers ahead.

I was warned that Chucky was the most intense house at USJ, and they sure weren’t wrong. This house is gory, bloody, and includes several intense scenes. For a coward like myself, this was truly a nightmare manifest.

Guests are guided into Harrogate Hospital, or what’s left. All around we can see empty Good Guy doll boxes, but the power’s out and blood is everywhere. And sure enough, Chucky doesn’t hold back from the very beginning. You can’t let your guard down even for a second, as Chucky follows you throughout the hospital trying to gut and dismember you. Patients come stumbling out of hospital rooms bloodied and disfigured, attempting to drag you down with them. In an operating room, we even see Chucky dismembering one of his victims in the open. This house will test even the strongest stomachs and the most fearless for sure.

At the very end, the last of the hospital staff which hasn’t been attacked attempts to guide you out through the psych ward. But Chucky is one step ahead, then one step behind! It seems like there’s no escape, but we miraculously survive and exit the hospital.

Universal Studios Japan typically doesn’t allow for recording or photography within their houses, but they did provide us with footage from inside some of the house.

End spoilers.

Like I said, I was warned this would be the most intense of the houses, and they sure weren’t wrong! The set design is truly incredible, down to the chemical hospital smell which permeates the entire house. Even through my mask I could smell the sterility, it was almost overwhelming but helped set the scene perfectly. For being a hospital, each room is still incredibly well-detailed, with love and care clearly placed into every scene within Harrogate Hospital.

Those who love a gruesome and terrifying experience, Cult of Chucky: Hospital Ward of Madness is by far the scariest you’ll get at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights, and it’s nice to see a fan favorite returning. But if you’re a coward like me, definitely steer clear.

Location of Cult of Chucky: Hospital Ward of Madness

Universal Monsters: Legends of Fear is located within Stage 18 in Hollywood, off to the far left from the entrance canopy in Hollywood. Make a left at Cinema 4-D and you’ll see it.

The house is open all day, including during Halloween Horror Nights.

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